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Birmingham Building Fabric & Systems Services

B38 Group have multiple engineers based less than an hour from Birmingham, ready to help with simple tasks such as gutters, drains and then making sure to keep the fabric clean and a lot more.

Birmingham building fabric maintenance company

B38 Group are working hard every single day to provide our clients and their buildings with all services needed to keep the building to the standard you expect and need. We make sure our team have been informed with all different insurance policies as well as safety around your building before carrying out any of these tasks. B38 Group prides themselves on property compliance ensuring all buildings are compliant with current building legislation.

Birmingham Gutter Maintenance

No need to worry when B38 Group are the ones who are looking after your buildings gutters and down-pipes, we will do all of this without you even having to make a regime. B38 Group can also offer either annual or bi-annual services in cleaning your buildings at a very fair price.

Birmingham Drainage

Reasons for blocked drains can vary with some of the main reasons being fats and oils just poured down drains or dirt and leaves going into gullies.


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