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Exeter Building Fabric & Systems Services

We provide multiple clients we have in Exeter with all Building Fabric & Systems services that they may need.

Exeter building fabric maintenance company

B38 Group make sure that every day is more challenging then the last working harder every single day to keep achieving greatness. This helps our clients get the service they would expect and leaves them happy every time. Our team are the reason we can achieve such greatness on a daily basis, with a call out time of 4 hours they will never leave you waiting on a job. We take it upon ourselves to make sure they are informed with everything they could need from health and safety to whatever insurance policies we will have to work around.

Exeter Gutter Maintenance

Our team are always here to get on with all gutter maintenance work we get dealing with any blocked gutters and down-pipes. We don’t even need a regime from you which will not only save them time and money but also make the whole process a lot easier from their side. There is also an annual and bi-annual cleaning service that we are able to offer our clients.

Exeter Drainage

Drains will never stop getting blocked, but we can stop them affecting your business as quick as possible. The usual causes are when people tip different fats or oils down drains as well as a common cause being dirt and leaves getting washed down gullies. Whatever the cause our dedicated team of experts will deal with anything you need.

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