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Swindon Building Fabric & Systems Services

We provide the multiple clients we have in Swindon with any simple tasks such as gutters, drains and then making sure to keep the fabric clean and a lot more.

National building fabric maintenance company

Making sure we work harder and harder every day to ensure that every client we have is provided with all the services they require from us with a 4-hour response time that leaves all our client base happy. We priorities ourselves to make sure that our amazing team have all the information needed before taking on a job with all the companies insurance and safety policies.

Gutter Maintenance

B38 Group are always here to make sure that our clients never have to worry when it comes to blocked gutters and down-pipes, we can do this without our clients even having to make a regime saving them money. We are also capable of offering annual and bi-annual cleaning services.


Drains are a real pain when they get blocked up, commonly from fats and oils being tipped down drains of dirt and leaves clogging up gullies. B38 Group are able to deal with any and all blockage problems you may have.


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