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Swindon Building Maintenance Services

We provide the multiple clients we have in Swindon with any Building Maintenance needs they may have.

Swindon Roofing Services

Roofing repairs and installation works in Swindon

If you find a roofing service that we don’t offer then let us know because we deal with simple guttering services as well as complicated re-roofing on multiple building and many more services. We offer what we believe is everything you can need for your building. We have a team working 24/7 ready to deal with any emergency calls.

Swindon Property Compliance

Property Compliance, Building Compliance and Regulation in Swindon

All kinds of services have to be specifically tailored for our clients so that they can not only save money but we can also save time and costs as well. Giving our clients the power to choose really helps everyone get the service they want, with our team of engineers we are able to provide the equipment to them to get any job done combined with their knowledge.

The key areas of our services and audit works include but are not limited to;

  • Health & Safety Audits / Risk Assessments
  • Legionella Risk Assessments & Water testing / Sampling, Asbestos Surveys
  • Part M accessibility audits
  • Fire Safety & Life Systems consultancy
  • Building Condition and Mechanical & Electrical statutory maintenance requirements.

Swindon Building Compliance Experience

Every compliance service we give is always different for each client because each one has different compliances in the building and different needs from compliances they might not have. Taking this on board we at B38 Group feel obligated to making sure we offer our clients the exact compliances we feel they would benefit from and carry out maintenance accordingly on what they have.

Swindon Property Compliance Packaged Solutions

Because B38 Group offer a big variety of service plans, we are capable of letting our clients choose one for themselves and even be able to tweak them if needed so they are getting the exact things they want from this service. This also helps both of us save time, money and resources and helps everyone in the big picture. We try and always give our clients the best practice and all services are to the SFG20 industry standard.

  • Period maintenance review and property compliance auditing
  • Provision of B38 site based compliance log and building maintenance file
  • Boiler and Heating system checks and service with annual gas certification
  • Air Conditioning (A/C) System checks and general maintenance
  • Sewerage pump maintenance
  • Water Hygiene & Legionella RA (Risk Assessment)
  • Gas tightness testing
  • PAT and Fixed electrical appliance testing
  • Fire Alarm maintenance, servicing and testing
  • Emergency Lighting maintenance and testing including annual drop test
  • Smoke alarm maintenance and testing
  • Life systems maintenance and testing
  • Lightning conductor inspection and testing
  • Asbestos Risk assessment (RA)
  • Lifting equipment maintenance
  • Roof and height safety systems maintenance
  • Cradle maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance including gritting

Swindon Mobile & Reactive Maintenance

Emergency and Reactive Maintenance services across Swindon

Everything and anything we need to be ready for any of these jobs. We can also go a lot further and offer a 4 hour call out time which leave all our customers happy.

Call us on 0800 0806247 for emergency assistance


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