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Our People

We employ people with different skills and talents all across the UK. Here, some people from across the Facilities Management Team talk about their experiences of working with B38 Group.

Lisa Donaldson, Facilities Management Team Customer Service Manager, based in Wakefield

Lisa is responsible for the helpdesk operation based in the Wakefield office. As Customer Service Manager, Lisa manages the administration and operational elements of the facilities management team helpdesk and internal deployment.

  • Question 1: What attracted you to B38 Group in the first place?

    I looked up B38 Group before attending my interview and I was impressed by the portfolio they currently had and was interested to learn more. After working for a large FM company for several years I was keen to be part of the team and see the business grow. I have now been with the company for almost 12 months and I am impressed with how far we have come during this time and proud to be part of the team.
  • Question 2: What is the most interesting part of working at B38 Group?

    No 2 days are the same. You never know what is going to come through and although it can be a challenge to meet the customer demands, my team get satisfaction from being able to provide an excellent service and resolve the issues as smoothly as possible for the client.
  • Question 3: Why do you think that B38 Group is different to many other service providers?

    Having previously worked for a large service provider it is refreshing to see how B38 Group work. The whole team respond to everything that comes in immediately and work closely together to turn everything around as efficiently as possible. Every client, every job and every quote is extremely important to our business and however large or small we ensure everyone receives the best possible service we can provide.

David Roberts, Electrical Engineer, based in Birmingham

David operates for B38 Group from Bromsgrove, Buckingham and has worked for the business since 2013. As a qualified mobile electrician, David is responsible for the smooth running of a portfolio of properties to the North of Birmingham.


Stephen Vigos, PPM Planner, based in Wakefield

Stephen is responsible for the management of the companies’ planned maintenance regimes and schedules. Working within the customer service support team, Stephen works within the facilities management team to ensure that statutory compliance for our clients’ properties are completed on time.


Craig Walters, Fabric and Electrical Engineer, based in York

Craig joined the business in 2013 having worked as an in-house engineer at a busy retail property in Leeds city centre. Craig is part of the facilities management team, responsible for the reactive and planned maintenance across a set of commercial Yorkshire properties.

  • Question 1: What is your typical day like working at B38 Group?

    My typical day varies from day to day dependent on the businesses needs. Some days I am responsible for carrying out Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) on the buildings which we look after. This involves making sure that the site is up to date and fully compliant to current Health and Safety standards. On other days I am responsible for carrying out reactive or quoted works. This can vary from plumbing works to all kinds of building maintenance jobs.
  • Question 2: What training do you receive as part of your on-going personal development?

    I have always enjoyed carrying out maintenance works and when I saw the position come up at the B38 Group I decided to browse over the website and could tell how professional they were. I believed I could continue my career at this rapidly expanding business and I haven’t been disappointed yet!
  • Question 3: Why do you think that B38 Group is different to many other service providers?

    B38 Group is dedicated to pleasing its customers. With its rapid response and friendly efficient staff the work place is a very pleasant place to be. In the unlikely event problems do occur we as a team go the extra mile to ensure each client is fully satisfied with our service.

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