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Facilities Management

What Is Facilities Management?

Facilities management services also known as FM services or Facility management services is the professional process of managing and maintaining the facilities within a company. The facilities of a company can include the site, electrical and mechanical equipment and any other physical resources at the site which is likely to be a health and safety risk to employees.

The principles of architecture, business administration and engineering sciences are all incorporated into the aspect of facility management.

Facilities Management Companies manage building and facilities in different market sectors including; facilities management in education sector, sport, leisure and entertainment facilities management services, commercial offices, logistics companies, automotive, retail properties, facilities management in hotels and airports.

Facilities Management Services

What Does A Facilities Management Company Do?

In 2009, the Global Job Task Analysis defined the core responsibilities of facility management companies which includes:

  • Human factors
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Communication
  • Finance and business
  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Real estate and property management
  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Emergency preparedness and Business continuity
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability

Roles & Responsibilities of a Facility Management Company

To address different needs of an organisation, an FM Company has a variety of roles to play. Here’s the responsibilities of a facilities management company:

  • The facility management company has to educate the work force about the standards and procedures from how to act in the event of a disaster to ordering office supplies.
  • It has to ensure facility compliance with relevant codes and regulations.
  • Facilities management company tracks and responds to environmental, security, health and safety issues.
  • For a business to operate at high capacity, facilities management monitors all aspects of facility maintenance and upkeep.
  • Procurement support for the client to undertake best practice management of specialist contractor engagement for best value.
  • Rather than interfering with one another, facilities management need to ensure that the divergent processes and standards complement each other.
  • Facilities management is responsible for real estate’s procurement, leasing, and disposal.
  • Through standardisation of the company, it is the responsibility of facilities management to ensure that the business receives the most it can for its facilities related expenditures.
  • It is their responsibility to monitor organisation efficiency.

History Of Facilities Management

In the 1970’s through to the early ’90s the term ‘Facilities Management‘ started to become used within the property market where government and businesses started to consider the option of using an external supply chain to outsource ‘non-core’ specialist services such as Technical Building Maintenance services and Washroom Services.

Since then companies and organisations through the decades have continues to become more sophisticated when it comes to the integration of the planning and management of a wide range of these non-core services to achieve better quality and economies of scale.

Founded in 1993 the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) is affiliated with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and was formed to supply both specialist training and qualifications for the industry. At this the Private Finance Initiative (now known as Public Private Partnerships) were becoming an integral part of large-scale government projects to manage, replace, and upgrade the country’s infrastructure and public service facilities. It was in the late 80’s and early 90’s that the private sector embarked heavily on embracing facilities management as an outsourced offering.

The Future of Facility Management

Today the UK Market sector is estimated to be worth between £40bn and £111bn per annum (Mintel) however estimated vary substantially.

A 2016 study undertaken by World FM estimate the global market to be worth in the region of $1.12 trillion. With a sector so large and complex with increasing trends and competition in the outsourced arena the services and provision within the market require companies and professionals to be learning and acquiring new skills and service offerings.

The market comprises of both in-house FM departments alongside niche Facilities Management companies, large multi-national service companies and specialist suppliers.

In recent years, an increased awareness of facilities management has been driven by several factors:

  • CEOs and CFOs focusing on their core businesses and seeking outsourcing solutions
  • Government led PFI/PPP initiatives
  • Increased awareness of the sector from Media Coverage

The future of the Facilities management market is likely to continue in an upward trend as it plays a vital strategic discipline translating both at a high-level, strategic change required by senior decision makers and into day-to-day reality for people in their work or living space. Outsourcing companies are growing their service capabilities and customers and businesses have a wider range and variety within the marketplace. These range from large international type organisations such as ISS Facility Services and Mitie through to the smaller UK national type niche companies such as B38 Facilities Management.

Successful organisations and businesses in future will have to approach FM as an integral part of their business strategic planning. Businesses that treat Facilities Management as a ‘commodity overhead’ will be at a significant strategic disadvantage to their UK Market competitors

Outsource your FM Services to B38 Group

B38 Group are known for delivering Total Facility Management (TFM) services. These complete services allow our clients to build relationships with a single point of contact within our offices. Each of our valued clients are assigned an individual account coordinator. These coordinators reduce the amount of time spent sourcing and chasing contractors and act like a personal assistant to our client representatives.

When clients choose our services via a maintenance contract they know that they are accessing expert knowledge, advanced equipment and processes in addition to a reduction of costs and a more streamlined facilities management process.

From the logging of facilities management calls via phone or online CAFM portal, through to the simple invoicing system, clients significantly reduce their time commitments to internal facilities management.

B38 Group are one of the most trusted national facilities management companies in the UK. We deliver a superior national facilities management services to businesses, organisations and SMEs across the country.

For more information on facilities management outsourcing to B38 Group, please contact us on 0800 0806  247 or simply fill in the contact form below with your request.

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