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Facilities Management Consultancy

Draw on our network of UK based Facilities Management Consultancy firms

We partner with numerous Facilities Management Consultancy firms for specialist services such as Bench-marking and Procurement. The delivery of a facilities management consultancy service ensures we deliver upon our commitments. Delivering a service tailored to our clients needs.

We work with a range of consultants to draw upon an array of services tailored to our client needs. It is important to understand understand that every client is unique with unique property portfolios. Effective and efficient strategies are only possible when we work alongside clients in a partnering approach.

facilities management consultancy


Procuring Facilities Management Services

To achieve all of the objectives we’ve jointly settled on, an effective procurement process is essential. Our network of consultants have significant experience in procuring FM services. We share this experience with a client’s organisation in order to set the process, draft the necessary documentation and ensure that we engage with your business in the most appropriate manner.

B38 Group are able to offer internal support on compliance and building maintenance regimes. However, we do not operate in the fields directly of Bench marking and Procurement. We utilise the detailed knowledge of the many different procurement professionals to give our clients the best options. These include tendering, competitive negotiation and single supplier negotiation. You can rest assured you will receive the best and most intelligent solution and that B38 Group is the right Facilities Management service provider for your business.

Adoption of a Facilities Management Consultancy

Facilities Management Consultancy can offer a number of benefits to a business. Increased cost savings, through to greater flexibility, in addition to the transfer of risk of managing in house facilities management. With the assurance that your businesses will receive a consistent, high quality service. remain compliant with minimal impact to internal staff workloads. You will have access to an increased workforce without increased staffing, tax or insurance implications.

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