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Facilities Management Outsourcing

Facilities Management (FM) outsourcing is defined as passing the responsibly for facilities management services to a third party.

What is facility management outsourcing? Facility management outsourcing is an effective practice used to reduce cost, increase efficiencies and reduce internal workload pressures and mitigate risks because of this many businesses are now choosing to outsource some or all of their facilities management requirements.

In 2015 KPMG the multinational professional services network, produced results from a Survey around the outsourcing model known as the Pulse Survey which defines a number of trends in the industry. Total Facilities Management outsourcing (TFM Outsourcing) encompasses all the services required for an organisation to operate day-to-day.

Benefits of Facilities Management Outsourcing

Facilities management outsourcing allows an organisation to hone their focus on the core functionality of their business, minimising the time spent on the management of their property and facilities.

Facilities management (FM) outsourcing removes the requirement of dealing with individual contractors.Therefore, companies will benefit from cost savings generated resulting from complete facility management outsourcing partner self-delivering services and subcontracting to a trusted specialist contracted.

Businesses that choose a reliable facilities management company for facilities management outsourcing will benefit from:

  • Saving on cost
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • More time to focus on key business process
  • Reduced risk
  • Statutory compliance
  • Mobile workforce
  • Improved service quality
  • Streamlining business operations
  • Consistency in service provision
  • Potential to grow together

Below we explain the benefits of good facilities management outsourcing will bring to your business.

Saving on Cost

Adoption of in-house facilities management is very expensive; such kind of an expense is drastically cut down when an organisation decides to adopt the outsourcing facilities management. The first benefit facilities management has reaped is saving on cost. An organisation will spend less when managed by an outsourcing provider compared to when it manages the process. It is therefore advisable to opt for facilities management because it will also cater for the cost of operating and training of the staff.

Enhanced Flexibility

Facilities Management Companies ensure that a change in the organisation is kept up to date. It ensures that as an organisation changes its specifications, facilities management will have the ability to avail is services when needed. This is very unlikely when it comes to in-house facility management which is static.

More time to focus on key business process
An organisation will have more time to give attention to its other business processes. Examples include marketing and boosting the overall making of the business, while the facilities management takes up the mandate to assigning other responsibilities to someone else. An in-house facilities management will have much work in handling the house functions and other important segments of the company, losing its key focus to the business.

Reduced risk 
An organisation will reduce the risk associated with employees, delivery and management of services can be transferred to a facilities management company.

Statutory Compliance
An organisation will have the benefit of the service provider mitigating risk by keeping the client up to date and compliant with facilities management legislation and regulations.

Mobile Workforce
An organisation will have the benefit of being able to tap into a network of technical facilities management mobile workforces and teams that can be called upon to support on-site staff at any time.

Improved Service quality
It is evident an organisation will hire the best professionals in facilities management and therefore expect the best outcomes and services. Facilities management will ensure the best of quality services. This will mean the company will work in a flexible environment; it will be reliable and effective in its service delivery. It will be easier for the company to expand its territories and definitely will grow.

Streamlining Business operations
The major reason why organisations opt for a Facilities Management Company is to get things in total control. As the business grows, facilities management has to ensure that there are no lost aspects of the business and control the growing segments on behalf of the organisations. It is a major relief to businesses that was once out of control.

Consistency in service provision
As the organisation needs change over time, facilities management is able to maintain certain levels of service delivery hence consistency in service provision.

Potential to grow together
Last but not least, a company will have the opportunity to grow together with the facilities management since they share the cost and even customers. The two will nurture themselves as they venture deeper into business.

In conclusion, Facilities Management Companies are likely to play a vital role in the growth of any business entity. It is important to embrace the highest professionalism in facilities management so as to benefit fully from their services.

B38 Group Facilities Management Solutions

B38 Group are a leading provider of national facilities management services. As one of the fastest growing facilities management companies in the UK, B38 Group have experience in a wide range of market sectors. We have been relied on by companies to support early life cycle costing and building running costs.

Here at B38 Group, we help maintenance and facilities management professionals produce a sound basis for planning their building operating running costs.

Talk to us about an intelligent long-term strategy to your Facilities Management outsourcing requirements and Asset life cycle management. We will support the on-going management of your property portfolio with the detail needed to cover maintenance, servicing and costs of your buildings drilled down to each component level. We take a strategic approach to deliver, plan and embed a long-term support service to embed within your organisation.

Our West Yorkshire based HQ is in the perfect central location to deliver our soft and hard facilities management services across the country.

As a provider of national facilities management services, B38 Group have achieved many industry recognised accreditations including ISO Standard, NIC EIC and SafeContractor.

facilities management outsourcing

Hard and Soft Facilities Management Services

Our hard and soft facilities management services include, but are not limited to the following:

National Facilities Management Company

B38 Group are one of the fastest growing facility management companies in the UK. We deliver commercial property support services including; facilities management, property maintenance, construction, civil engineering, property fit out and energy services. Our hard facilities management and soft services support multi-sector businesses, blue-chip organisations and SMEs throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

We operate our national facilities management services across all of the following market sectors:

Here at B38 Group, we provide essential and sustainable facilities management solutions to each and every one of our clients. We always ensure our teams deliver superior facilities management services to our clients.

Our national facilities management services include hard facilities management and soft services, but are not limited to:

We understand that no two clients’ facilities management requirements are the same which is why we offer bespoke fm services through a variety of contract types.

If you are interested in facility management outsourcing to B38 Group a leading facilities management company, please contact us on 0800 0806 247 or simply fill in the form with your request.

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