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Outsourced Property Director

Outsource the facilities management and property director role responsibilities of your portfolio with the support of an outsourced Property Director

Outsourcing the Property Director role to B38 Group will ensure that this specialist resource can be called upon whilst maintaining cost efficiencies, allowing the company to bring on-board high quality expertise when required.

Along with human resources and IT, property is typically one of the three largest costs for a business. Often seen as more of a burden, property should actually be viewed as a potentially valuable asset, just like people and IT infrastructure. Our Property Director services can be proactively managed to increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness and profitability. As a major item on any balance sheet, whether owned or rented, an effective and proactive real estate strategy should be formulated, implemented and monitored by all businesses.

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B38 Group as your outsourced Property Director

Outsourcing this role to B38 Group will ensure that specialist resource can be called upon whilst maintaining cost efficiencies, allowing the company to bring on-board high quality expertise only when necessary.

We will act as your experienced professional and use our market knowledge, network of contacts and specialist skills to ensure that strategic, real estate decisions and statutory compliance across your portfolio are implemented to ensure best results.

The role of a Property Director

Strategically and effectively co-ordinating a company’s property or portfolio, and ensuring that it matches operational business needs, requires time and specialist, multi-disciplinary expertise. Whilst the time and costs can be discouraging, the benefits of occupying space which is functional, efficient and fit for purpose can be huge in terms of reduced occupational costs, increased staff productivity, higher workforce retention and even market profile and image.

Although the trigger for most companies seeking property advice comes with corporate expansion or acquisition, companies who occupy large single or multiple sites, or those feeling significant cost pressures should also consider the merits of a proactive real estate strategy.

Whilst for many, the need for specialist advice is a short-term, project driven requirement; when this advice is required, the benefits of good quality, strategic and practical advice, or the consequences of poor advice will have a long-lasting impact on the business. It is also important at this point to consider the statutory demands on a business that properties fall under.

Only the largest organisations are able to employ a permanent in-house property team; and even fewer employ experienced Property Directors and Senior Asset Managers at board level to ensure that corporate property needs are both identified and then met. For most companies, property decisions are one-off projects that fall upon senior management, who can ill-afford for their attention to be taken from the important day to day running of the business.

Outsourcing your Property Director for SME’s

B38 Group facilities management company delivering the outsourced property director role is a specialist service aiming to increase cost efficiencies, allowing the company to utilise high quality expertise when required, delivering a long-term positive result.

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