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Wakefield Building Fabric & Systems Services

Based in Wakefield B38 Group are always there to limit the amount of liabilities and insurance risks you may be taking with simple tasks such as gutters, drains and then making sure to keep the fabric clean and operational with what we call our periodic maintenance plans.

Wakefield building fabric maintenance company

We are always here to make sure your building is kept to the industry standard that is expected while making sure we work around any insurance policies you may have while offering out our gutter, drainage and plenty of others maintenance service.

Wakefield Gutter Maintenance

Sit back and let us deal with all gutters and down-pipes that are in need of maintenance, all of this we are able to do without our clients even needing a regime of our clients which not only saves them time but money at the same time. We also offer annual and bi-annual cleaning services. We make sure to take any risks such as leaky roofs get reduced drastically.

Wakefield Drainage

Multiple reasons can cause drains to become blocked, some of the most common causes are different fats and oils being poured down drains as well as dirt and leaves getting washed down gullies. Other problems we come about are structural problems with the building itself which is cause by either substances, root intrusion or even things like corrosion bring about long term issues. We are able to offer a planned drain maintenance jetting regimes to make sure the risk is kept to a minimal.

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