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Swindon Fire & Security Systems Services

We provide all our clients we have in Swindon with any Fire & Security Systems services whenever we can

The Fire Safety Order

We take “Fire Risk Assessments” and these are a legal obligation as a business owner. A responsible person will be chosen to do this as well as many other tasks set which will be described, this person will be in charge of multiple things one of which includes the making and maintaining of a fire management plan.

This same person that has been chosen for being the responsible person is then assigned as the person who should give out everything that is needed for everyone’s safety in the workplace and make sure all safety and insurance policies are known and respected by all workers. Also making sure all fire exits and their routes are clear, well-lit and have the proper signs.

One of the final jobs taken on by this person is to make sure all equipment is maintained and kept to the British standard.

Swindon Prevention

No building will ever be completely fire proof although there are a number of things you can either change or take into consideration when purchasing a building like the location of it and multiple aspects of the building itself as well as making sure plugs are tested. All of these can help in no time and minimize the risk of a fire and stop any breakouts.
Prevention first is our philosophy here at B38 Group.

Swindon Detection

The detection of a fire is also important, the longer a fire is left before being detected the more damage you will sustain to your building as well as also causing more injuries and even deaths to staff. We see this as unacceptable and we try ensure the safety of all our workers as well as your own and will provide any detection equipment your company may need as well as installing them this includes;

  • Gent systems
  • Aspirating Detection
  • Beam Detection
  • Control equipment and monitoring.

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Swindon Containment

Making sure containment systems are provided and put into place is a very important stage in this process and we provide different containment product and even systems that will be chosen for your premises’ needs.

For any more information on any of the following equipment or services:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Hose Reels
  • Suppression Systems
  • Wet & Dry Risers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Automatic Door Closers

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Swindon Evacuation

Making sure you get everyone out of your premises safely is our number one priority, the quicker and safer we can get everyone out of your building the less injuries and deaths we will get. We see a human life as priceless and we want to make sure that none get taken.

We are more than happy to make sure all products that can help with this are provided and installed such as emergency lighting, signs and other items.

To find out more about monthly and annual emergency lighting test, fire safety signs and fire evacuation drills please contact us here.


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