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Birmingham Pest Control Services

B38 Group deliver pest control services in Birmingham. We have more than enough engineers that are within the Birmingham area. Dealing with different bird control & bird proofing needs with their business including insect identification, wildlife management and technical removal services.

Birmingham Pest Control services

With a massive range of pest control that is as effective as it is speedy, we will deal with all pest needs you may have big or small. Ranging from things like bird control and proofing of buildings to different kind of insect or fly infestations.

Birmingham Rodent Control

We’ve never had a rodent issue we couldn’t deal with both efficiently as well as quickly. There are things you as a business owner can look out for yourself such as small spindle shaped droppings and damaged foods as well as musty smells and nesting materials. Our team of specialist are equipped and trained to deal with all Rodents.

Birmingham Bird Control

Having to work with current legislations means that no birds can be putting any of your workers well-being at risk. In most cases being unable to deal with these birds’ nests will affect your workers’ ability and most possible distract them with smells or noises. As well as putting their health at risk because birds nest is host to some nasty parasites. B38 Group are able to offer a series of reduction and eviction methods to ensure the risk is either minimalised or removed.

Birmingham Fly and Insect Control

Don’t let fly infestations bother your business, they can be a major problem in certain areas or fields of work. If you are one of the businesses affected, then more often than not we are more than capable of dealing with them and offering the right equipment to our clients to stop it happening again like fly zappers etc.

National Facilities Management

B38 Group is a national facilities management company. We deliver a wide range of hard and soft services management. Our facility management services are trusted by a number of high profile and blue-chip organisations.

B38 Group operate our facilities management services across all of the following sectors:

Here at B38 Group, we have achieved many facilities management accreditation including ISO Standards.

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