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London Fire & Security Systems Services

We are able to support the requirements for clients in both central London and its suburbs. We are able to bring London all of our services including any of our Fire & Security Systems

The London Fire Safety Order

One of the legal obligations we have to uphold when it comes to fire safety is a “Fire Risk Assessment”. This should be done by a responsible person and is put into place so whatever precautions are needed can be identified as well as having to make sure they can maintain a fire management plan. This assessment has to look into what effects a fire can and will have on your building.

Carrying on with the same person, they should then provide some kind of form of fire selection and fighting. Making sure all emergency exits and routes are both kept clear and lit correctly and well signed. Then to finish off the people involved, for instance your employees are informed with the relevant information needed on understanding the fire safety policies.

This responsible person will have one more job before he can call it a day. They will now have to get all the equipment maintained and keep it in the British standards.

London Prevention

No building is fire proof; every building runs the risk of setting on fire. There are different things you can do to prevent this as much as possible. To do this you will have specific precautions that will be put into place to minimize this risk and stop breakouts in the most part.
Prevention first is our philosophy here at B38 Group.

London Detection

Detecting a fire is important just because the quicker a fire is detected the quicker it can get dealt with and the less chance of your employees receiving injuries, burns or infection and in some cases death. So getting to the fire sooner rather than later is very important. We can provide a huge amount of different fire detection systems and equipment’s for all kinds of different buildings. Our fire detection equipment installation and maintenance include;

  • Gent systems
  • Aspirating Detection
  • Beam Detection
  • Control equipment and monitoring.

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London Containment

We will be more than happy to provide our clients with a complete set of containment systems and products all specifically picked and distributed depending on the needs of your business and buildings. From Fire extinguishers to fully automatic emergency doors, the list of equipment we can offer is almost endless.
For any more information on any of the following equipment or services:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Hose Reels
  • Suppression Systems
  • Wet & Dry Risers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Automatic Door Closers

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Greater London Evacuation

There is only one thing we value more than our fire safety equipment and regulations, and that is the protection and evacuation of your employees simply because you can’t put a price on human lives. We have to make sure we can evacuate everyone not only quickly but do so with as little risk as possible to avoid injuries and potential death.

B38 Group will also offer our clients the products needed to help with evacuating a building with signs and special lighting solutions as well as mapping out the easiest, quickest and safest routes to get away from a fire.

To find out more about monthly and annual emergency lighting test, fire safety signs and fire evacuation drills please contact us here.

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