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Facilities Management for Car Parks

car park facilities management

B38 have refurbished3multi-storey carparks

Car-parking accounts for3%of B38 Group turnover

Our car park facilities management services ensure a car park is kept clean, safe and secure. The need for proper car park management is often taken for granted. However, without appropriate management to co-ordinate security, signage and regular maintenance then a car park can fail to provide support to a business needs and create the wrong impression of an organisation.

A poorly managed car park can leave a negative impression of an organisation which is why you need proper car park facilities management. B38 Group have a team of specialists focusing on car park facilities management services, ensuring everything from site maintenance to updating signage and line marking is taken care of.

Car Park Facilities Management Services

Here at B38 Group, we understand that every parking facility is different which is why we offer bespoke car parking facilities management solutions to help our clients. Popular car park facilities management services include:

  • Lighting – Particularly in multi-storey and underground parking, well-lit spaces ensures customers, visitors and staff feel safe and have good visibility to enter and leave the site. Good lighting can offer an additional component to onsite security. B38 Group will support with instating the most energy efficient lighting systems leading to reduced running costs, increasing lamp and bulb life span and supporting environmental responsibility.
  • Mechanical and Electrical – Behind the parking spaces, car parks house elevators, ductwork, ventilation and alarm systems. B38 Group can implement maintenance programmes and organise reactive repairs as required.
  • Planned Maintenance – Regular maintenance of roads and ramps, installed systems and the general space will ensure the car park is open for use and reduces the requirement for costly repairs. This additionally supports the onsite safety of drivers and pedestrians alike.
  • Security – Each car parking site has individual security requirements which could include, CCTV, secure entry systems, alarm and on-site security guards. B38 Group will help install and implement security systems relevant to each site, following on to manage the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of these.

Car parks are evolving and are no longer basic spaces with a pay and display machine. Many supermarket car parks utilise barriers and vehicle registration recognition systems, shopping centre car parks have entry and exit terminals with pay on foot payment stations. With so many different components making up the car park, B38 Group will monitor equipment, manage any arising issues and overall ensure the car park is available to be used during opening hours where possible.

B38 Group can support the following car parking (but not limited to):

  • Supermarket and Shopping Centre Parking – High traffic car parks require regular maintenance to keep them open to high number of visitors. Ensuring car park signage and road markings are in place and are clear, ensuring visitors feel their vehicle is parked in a safe secure location.
  • Office Parking – Being able to park conveniently is a huge benefit to employees and business visitors, ensuring staff can park in a safe, secure space. B38 Group can keep both indoor and outdoor car parks in optimum condition.
  • Venue/Arena Parking – Arena car park operators need to deliver parking solutions that offer visitors a stress free, convenient parking experience that instills confidence in safety and security. Clear signage is essential for smooth movement of traffic. B38 Group can perform regular maintenance onsite allowing operators to deliver on own customer promises.
  • Park & Ride and Airport Parking – Often in sites away from airports and city centres, with bus transfer or meet and greet services. Long-stay car parking often have waiting rooms with customer amenities and require on site security. B38 Group can offer support and maintenance in these areas to ensure vehicle owners will return and recommend the site
  • Residential Parking – Electronic gates and garage doors offer residents the sense of security and feel their vehicles are protected. B38 Group parking offer services to keep areas well-kept and in good state of repair.

National Facilities Management Company

B38 Group are a leading provider of nationwide facilities management services. We are a national facilities management company with headquarters in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Our facilities management services include hard facilities management and soft facilities management services support multi-sector businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK and Ireland.

As a leading facilities management company, we offer our fm services across all of the following market sectors:

Our team of dedicated, skilled and experienced professionals deliver essential and sustainable facilities management solutions to each and every one of our clients. Here at B38 Group, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional facilities management services at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

Some of our popular facilities management services include, but are not limited to the following:

As a provider of nationwide facilities management services we have many industry recognised accreditation including ISO Standards, Safe Contractor and CHAS.

If you are interested in our car park facilities management services please contact us on 0800 0806 247 or simply fill in the form below with your request.

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