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Facilities Management Companies

National Facilities Management Companies

Facilities Management Companies

B38 Group are one of the fastest growing facilities management companies in the UK. We work across a spectrum of market sectors including facilities management in offices, retail properties, schools and universities. Our main focus is to become one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies working with a variety of small and large organisations. B38 Group have adapted the strategy of working as one team to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

Nationwide Facilities Management Companies

Here at B38 Group, we work across a wide range of facilities management market sectors, delivering property support services and regularly competing with the largest facilities management companies in the UK in highly competitive tenders. Because of this we are now becoming one of the UK’s most well respected facilities management companies. We have a dedicated team of experts in each market sector who will ensure your company remains well maintained, safe and compliant with industry regulations. B38 Group have been awarded many accreditations including CHAS, NICEIC and ISO Standards.

Regional Service Teams and Facilities Management Companies UK Structure

Our regionalised facilities management company structure is based on years of management experience with multiple kinds of clients with specific needs and wants enabling us to compete with the largest facilities management companies in the UK. As our time within the industry lengthens our aim remains the same to become well-known for extremely high levels of customer service which we have been able to meet on multiple occasions.

Increasing Presence Of Our Facilities Management Company

As the business grows at a rapid rate, so does our demand for engineers. Over the last couple of years we have drastically increased the number of engineers we have on the road to meet the demands of our clients. The most successful facilities management companies aim to employ trades directly to maintain high levels of customer services and thus contract retention. In 2018 B38 Group acquired Woods Building Maintenance and continue to seek acquisitions to support our bid for self delivery across the UK.

14 Sectors in which we operate

Leading Facilities Management Companies


Why Choose B38 Group As Your Facilities Management Company?

There are multiple reasons to choose us over other facilities management companies, but to keep it short let’s talk about the 3C’s of our strategy and values:

  • Client Relationships
  • Continued Investment
  • Communication

Client Relationships – Here at B38 Group we are well aware that client relationships are the key part of developing and growing a successful business. Across the spectrum of roles at B38 Group, the client relationship remains fundamental to business. We like to take on personal responsibility for everything we do to ensure all of our clients aspirations are met not only on time, but also within budget and way beyond their expectations.

Continued Investment – Our management team are set on continuous investment into businesses’ to ensure that our teams are able and well equipped to seal with all eventualities. We will go from PPE to safety systems and even mobile platform development. The investment made will be used to ensure growth in the company and will minimize all risk so we can ensure our clients the most responsible service in the market as well as one of the most professional.

Communication – Strong communication and honesty is at the heart of our organization. We feel it is important to maintain this where possible. We have an amazing and agile reporting and decision making process. With our helpdesk working 24/7 both our clients and co-ordinators are directly held responsible for the companies smooth running of accounts. The process both improves performance and leads to greater communication and also a better relationship with our client.


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