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Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Maintenance


Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Maintenance

B38 Group offer a full circle of air conditioning service, repair and maintenance.

All B38 Group engineers are fully qualified, CHAS accredited and FGas certified and look to ensure your HVAC systems remains fully operations, well maintained and working to highest levels of energy efficiency.

Air conditioning has become a staple piece of equipment in the majority of business environments, including industrial and retail units, offices and workshops, relying on air conditioning systems to keep spaces at an optimum temperature for working, leisure activities and to keep equipment and machinery working efficiently.

B38 Group are able to offer a full air conditioning service, repair and maintenance including the supply, fitting, maintaining and repairing of air conditioning systems and refrigeration units.

Our Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Maintenance Include:

Healthcare Air Conditioning

Keeping a consistent temperature on essential in healthcare environments, contributing to patient care as well as ensuring a clean, sterile environment.

Office Air Conditioning

By keeping offices cool in summer and warm in winter you are keeping employees comfortable and motivated, keeping productivity high. Our air conditioning installation team design a solution which offers an even airflow through out all office shapes and layouts.

Server Room Air Conditioning

It is essential that computer server room temperature is maintained to prevent overheating, causing them to slow down, shut down or crash which could cause loss of data. Installed systems should keep servers cool all year round as well as be future-proof in case of server expansion. Air conditioning systems are also often used to maintain temperature for industrial machinery.

Retail Air Conditioning

The addition of air conditioning units can increase customer footfall and sales. When a shopping environment is comfortable, customer are likely to stay longer. Retail air condition systems should be strategically placed to ensure the comfort of staff and customers, with a regular air conditioning maintenance to keep the system working safely and effectively.

Restaurant Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in restaurants should take in to consideration the room shape, seating arrangements and kitchen location. To ensure positive dining experience all year round diners should be sat at a comfortable temperatures.

School Air Conditioning

School air conditioning should take in to consideration the room shape, size and desk arrangement. Consideration should be payed to the school working environment with quiet air conditioners utilised to minimise noise.

  • Air Conditioning Installation

    Used in many different types of buildings, retail, residential, industrial, Air Conditioning systems are often a necessity to ensure a comfortable experience for employees, visitors, customers and patients. In addition, keeping equipment at optimum working temperature. Prior to installations, consideration will be made in to the current use of the building and how rooms are utilised now and in the future. What the existing heat source is and the efficiency of this.

    Installation and retro fit installations can cause disruption to a business, B38 Group will allow minimal disruption and will ensure a safe working environment at all times.

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

    We also offer a planned preventative maintenance program including a 24 hour emergency call out service. B38 Group offer a full service and maintenance servicing programmes for all air conditioning systems. A planned, preventative maintenance programme for HVAC systems ensures better equipment performance and higher levels of energy efficiency, as well as increasing the longevity of the equipment.

    B38 Group engineers visit site to ensure all parts and controls are operating correctly and efficiently. With regular visits, faults and issues are minimised however, B38 group engineers ensure these are rectified as quickly as possible.

  • Air Conditioning Emergency Repair

    B38 Group offer a 24/7 call helpdesk service who can quickly arrange for an engineer to attend site in the case of air conditioning breakdown. Whatever the problem, our team will help get your system back up and running quickly. If your system breaks down and our engineers cannot fix it straight away, B38 Group look to offer a temporary solution to ensure your business premises remains open, safe, comfortable for staff and visitors.

    B38 Group understand how important a fully functioning air condition system is to a business, we will only send experienced, qualified engineers for air conditioning emergency repairs.

  • Electricians and Air Conditioning Installation Team

    B38 Group ensure only fully qualified air condition engineers and qualified electricians, attend site for installation, maintenance and repair of any air conditioning system.

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