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Commercial Energy Services


Successful implementation of Commercial Energy Services that ensures energy management is a priority.

At B38 Group, we work with you to provide you with a historical auditing, procurement, monitoring and management solution, so you can achieve your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme targets as part of our commercial energy services.

Commercial Energy Services

With the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme and energy costs increasing, the correct management and procurement of energy has become an important aspect of managing commercial properties for all businesses. B38 Group are able to offer complete commercial energy services including Assessment, Analysis, Implementation.

Step 1 – Assessment

  • Your organisation’s goals with regard to energy reduction
  • Annual & weekly energy usage
  • Where energy is being used & wasted
  • Where usage can be reduced
  • Where money might be saved

Step 2 – Analysis

  • The amount of energy & money that could be saved
  • Payback schedules based on varying reduction options
  • The range of products & services available that best suit your reduction plan & targets
  • Simple changes that can be made to facilitate large reductions in energy bills
  • The most cost effective energy supplier for your needs

Step 3 – Implement

  • Detailed report including your in-depth reduction plan
  • Discuss options & decide on the best reduction practices to suit your goals and budgets
  • Facilitate implementation of the chosen reduction plan
  • Provide after sales care to ensure your goals are met

B38 Groups team of dedicated commercial energy services specialists offer and deliver a complete range of integrated energy and carbon management services. With the knowledge, skills and capability to deliver commercial energy services specific to each commercial property.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of seamlessly integrated energy services, designed to reduce energy waste, increase energy cost savings and achieve Carbon reduction targets.

  • Energy Monitoring

    Energy monitoring is the first and most important step towards reducing energy consumption and making financial savings. By gaining a strong understanding of where and when energy is being consumed we can identify ways to make reductions.

    At B38 Group, we are proud to be able to offer a combination of proven energy monitoring systems that we believe provide the most in-depth and useful energy data from which to make significant and lasting savings as part of our commercial energy services. Gas, water and electricity are all recordable through the monitoring systems on offer, with the added benefit of being able to break electricity use down into circuit and even socket level.

  • Energy Management

    We are experienced in working with Landlords and Management Agents to provide holistic energy management services for properties ranging from single multi-let office schemes to nationwide portfolios.

    Services include:

    • Energy Procurement
    • Billing Validation
    • Invoice & Contract Renewal Management
    • Coterminious Contract Planning
    • Remote Meter Reading on Main and Sub Meters
    • Apportionment

    We encourage clients to select from our list of commercial energy services to build a bespoke energy management strategy, which will meet your requirements, remove unwanted hassle of dealing with energy suppliers and apportionment problems. This energy management strategy allow B38 Group to deliver the best service and allow you to focus on your primary business goals.

  • Complimentary Facilities Management Services

    In addition to commercial energy services, we offer facilities management services which complement the energy service we deliver. These may include:

    Planned, Preventative Maintenance
    Air Conditioning Services
    Commercial Lighting and Emergency Lighting Services
    Waste Management
    Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance
    Gas, Plumbing and Heating Services

  • Long-term Upgrade Solutions

    In addition to the management of Energy, we offer long-term energy efficient solutions for your organisation. These may include:

    Air Conditioning Installations
    Commercial Lighting and Emergency Lighting Installation
    Mechanical and Electrical Installations
    • Please see our Integrated Energy Solutions for additional services.

  • Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme

    The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a UK government scheme, designed to improve energy efficiency and cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in private and public sector organisations that are high energy users [GOV.UK]

    Organisations that meet to requirements for this scheme must register with the Environment Agency and undertake the following:

    • collate information about its energy supplies
    • submit a report about its energy supplies
    • buy and surrender allowances equal to the CO2 emissions it generated
    • tell the Environment Agency about changes to its organisation that could affect its registration (designated changes)
    • keep records about its energy supplies and organisation in an evidence pack

    The scheme was put in place to encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions through energy efficiency. With potential civil penalties in place as well as reputation and PR management to consider, many organisations are looking to to obtain the support of an external organisation to support with their commercial energy services.

  • For more information on our Commercial Energy Services please call us on 0800 0806 247 or use the contact form below.

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