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Design & Build


Design and build is an approach to construction used by some of the most advanced companies in the building industry. B38 Group work extensively with Design and build which is a radically different approach from the traditional sequence of construction work, offering clients far greater accountability and lower costs.

Design & Build Contracting

B38 Group are design and build contractors with extensive building services design experience as well in both the residential and commercial sectors. This means we have the technical and commercial experience to know what will work on your site, and what won’t. Our designers use state-of-the-art modelling to create a 3D digital representation of all the physical and functional characteristics of your building. This allows us to identify any critical issues before work starts, which gets the contractors on site quicker, and saves both time and money.

We can also integrate our designs with M&E engineering services covering all the mechanical and electrical aspects of the project, from acoustics and temperature, through to essential power and data services.

We adopt a team approach to Design and Build projects with a managed system of design development, information flow and procurement of key Sub-Contract packages, always focused on the key delivery success criteria for any project :- on time, within budget, uncompromising attention to quality and always producing a safe working environment.

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