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Dilapidation Works

B38 Group’s approach to dilapidation is to offer a transparent, honest service to benefit our client. Our client based strategies ensure each client receives the most effective solution, at the best value, without compromising on quality. We work to deliver dilapidation works on schedule and within budget on every dilapidation project undertaken. Our team of professionals will work with you from an early stage and will advise you on all aspects of commerical property dilapidations.

Dilapidations or ‘dilaps’ refers to the works tenants are required to manage when they vacate the commercial premises that they have leased. This may include or extend to defects and disrepair which may have occurred during tenancy and it is the responsibility of the tenant to manage and or pay to have remedies on the vacating of the property.

Often towards the end of a commercial lease, landlords will service notice to the property tenant requesting they undertake a specified repairs or reinstatement works. Often known as a schedule of dilapidation these works will need to be completed by an arranged date. Should dilapidation works not be undertaken by the tenant, the tenant is liable for the cost of the work if remedied by the landlord, thus losing the control of the standard of works, contractors utilised and costs involved.

What is a dilapidation survey? A dilapidation survey is a very thorough survey which documents the state of building elements and structure down to minor wear and tear.

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