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Planned, Preventative Maintenance


Planned, Preventative Maintenance Services

Planned, preventative maintenance also known as PPM is any kind of scheduled maintenance to be performed on a piece of equipment or on building fabric. Here at B38 Group, we deliver planned, preventative maintenance services to commercial properties throughout the UK.

What is PPM maintenance? Breakdowns happen, and when they happen, it can be costly for a business to fix. Costly in time, reduced capacity and financially. It is important to reduce the potential for emergencies and breakdowns to occur. Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM) allows a company to discover any potential issues before they cause an impact to the business. With an overall goal of improving the performance and safety of a building, its components and equipment.

PPM also known as Planned, Preventive Maintenance, is utilised to minimise breakdowns. PPM allows for the discovery of potential building fabric, mechanical or electrical system issues that may arise before they cause breakdowns, develop faults or stop working as they should.

The undertaking of regular, scheduled Planned, Preventative Maintenance lowers the risk of reduced productivity due to equipment failure and often significantly extends the life of most equipment and building components.

Planned, Preventative Maintenance services allows a business to stay in control. Rather than fixing problems as they occur, PPM allows for the discovery of smaller issues before they escalate to larger problems and potential breakdowns.

PPM Maintenance services and benefits include:

  • Regular, Scheduled Visits – Mobile engineers visit clients for scheduled visits, planned in advance. This minimises disruption on a company and ideally avoids their most productive times. Regular visits ensure a facilities management company will get to know the building fabric and equipment, these regular visits ensure any changes would be noticed quickly allowing for immediate, appropriate action to be taken.
  • Advanced Planning for Financial Outlay – Paying for adhoc repairs can quickly add up and the unpredictable nature of breakdowns doesn’t allow for accurate financial planning. Regular planned, preventative maintenance however is delivered at a regular cost which can be budgeted for. More often, when regular maintenance is delivered any potential reason for breakdown are identified and managed during regular PPM or the cost of repairs will be minimised due to the ongoing maintenance previously undertaken.
  • Out of Hours Maintenance – Having access to a 24 hours workforce can be essential to some businesses. Not every business runs 9am to 5pm. A Facilities Management workforce is available 24 hours a day to respond to general maintenance calls or emergency works as required by each individual client. Due to the name of some market sectors i.e. Retail Facilities, maintenance on the facilities are not appropriate when customers are within the premises. PPM should be scheduled at times that are suitable and safe for clients and their customers.
  • Decreased Downtime – Downtime for any business is a negative. Reduction in production, decreased opportunities or limited premises access can lead to significant client frustration and financial outlay. Although there is no guarantee to eradicate it completely, regular PPM significantly reduces the potential for downtime of business premises or equipment.
  • Improved Safety – Safety should be a central focus for all companies and their facilities management companies. It is an essential factor of running a business and managing a premises that safety is the first consideration. Regular PPM, including equipment maintenance, certification and checks that are statutory by law all contribute to ensuring a premises, the building fabric and equipment used within are as safe to ensure the highest level of safety for premises users and occupants.
  • Cost Saving – A contribution of reduced down time, better financial planning and increased productivity all contribute to the cost saving benefits achieved when regular planned, preventative maintenance is undertaken. A facilities management company will call upon their partners and suppliers to ensure the right engineer with the right parts are on the clients site delivering planned preventative maintenance.

PPM Maintenance Company

B38 Group is a nationwide facilities management company. We provide a range of hard and soft facilities management services to businesses, organisations and SMEs based throughout the UK. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals are always on hand to deliver a superior service to our clients. We have many industry recognised accreditation including CHAS, NIC EIC and ISO Standards.

What is PPM maintenance? As a PPM maintenance company we deliver regular and scheduled maintenance. If you are interested in our planned, preventative maintenance service please contact us on 0800 0806 247 or use the contact form below.

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