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Commercial Refurbishment


When your commercial property doesn’t work for your requirements, your options are narrowed down to 2. Relocation or commercial refurbishment.

Commercial refurbishment is often the preferred option as it allows a company to create the space that delivers upon every requirement. Providing your employees, guests and customers with the best possible experience is important for your business.

A commercial refurbishment will vary from project to project, from small installations and repairs through complete renovation. The project is to turn a work space that doesn’t work in to a work space that works for your company. Our commercial refurbishment design and projects team are available to support in the refurbishment of your existing workspace. Our tailored service works for all commercial spaces from offices to warehouses, retail to healthcare facilities.

Relocation is often not an option and doesn’t always solve the original issues of workspace optimisation, often compromises need to be made within a new workspace and a new budget needs to be set to make the new location work. Without a commercial refurbishment often spaces can fall in to disrepair, leaving staff and guests uninspired and less than impressed with that lack of investment in to creating a workspace that really delivers.

The B38 Group Commercial Refurbishment team are experts in workspace optimisation and creating a workspace that is extra special. We can help you to create an environment that leaves your employees, guests and customers energised and inspired with our superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Market Sectors

    B38 Group carry out commercial refurbishment works across a number of market sectors and industries. The type of buildings and spaces we support include but are not limited to Industrial, Logistics, Retail and Office spaces.
  • B38 Group manage the entire commercial refurbishment. We adhere to your requirements and fulfil the brief, offering advice, guidance and suggestions to ensure the workspace is fit for purpose, aesthetic and efficient.

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