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At B38 Energy Services, we provide you with a Historical Auditing, Procurement, Monitoring and Management solution, so you can achieve your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme targets.

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With the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme and Energy costs increasing, the correct management and procurement of Energy has become an important aspect to all businesses.

Step 1 – Assessment:

  • Your organisation’s goals with regard to energy reduction
  • Annual energy usage
  • Weekly energy usage
  • Where energy is being used
  • Where energy is being wasted
  • Where usage can be reduced
  • Where money might be saved

Step 2 – Analysis:

  • The amount of energy that could be saved
  • The amount of money that could be saved
  • Payback schedules based on varying reduction options
  • The range of products and services available that will best suit your bespoke reduction plan
  • Simple changes that can be made to day to day operations to facilitate large reductions in energy bills
  • Reduction targets
  • The most cost effective energy supplier for your needs

Step 3 – Implement:

  • The B38 team will present the report including your detailed reduction plan
  • Discuss options and decide on the best reduction practices to suit your goals and budgets
  • Facilitate implementation of the chosen reduction plan
  • Provide after sales care to ensure your goals are met

Energy Monitoring:

Energy monitoring is the first and most important step towards reducing energy consumption and making financial savings. By gaining a strong understanding of where and when energy is being consumed we can identify ways to make reductions.

At B38 we are proud to be able to offer a combination of proven energy monitoring systems that we believe provide the most in-depth and useful energy data from which to make significant and lasting savings. Gas, Water, and Electricity are all recordable through the monitoring systems on offer, with the added benefit of being able to break electricity use down into circuit and even socket level.

Energy Management:

We are experienced in working with Landlords and Management Agents to provide holistic energy management services for properties ranging from single multi-let office schemes, to nationwide portfolios upwards of 500 sites.

Services include;

  • Energy Procurement
  • Billing Validation
  • Invoice & Contract Renewal Management
  • Coterminious Contract Planning
  • Remote Meter Reading on Main and Sub Meters
  • Apportionment

We encourage clients to select from our list of services to build a bespoke energy management strategy, which will meet your requirements, remove unwanted hassle of dealing with energy suppliers and apportionment problems, and allow you the time to do what you do best.

Long-term Upgrade Solutions:

In addition to the management of Energy, we offer long-term energy efficient solutions for your organisation’s Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Lighting. Please see our Integrated Energy Solutions section.

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