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Fire Safety Services


Fire Safety Services delivered by B38 Group.

In order to dramatically reduce the loss of life and damage caused by fire, considerable increased demands have been placed on employers, building owners and occupiers by the introduction of The Fire Safety Order.

The Responsible Person is legally obliged to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment to identify the precautions needed to comply with the legislation and to implement and maintain a fire management plan. This assessment must consider the effect a fire will have on anyone in or around the premises, take into account the safety of fire fighters and be reviewed regularly. B38 Group incorporate this as part of their fire safety services, designed to keep your business safe.

The Responsible Person must provide adequate means of fire detection and fire-fighting. They must ensure that emergency exits and exit routes must be kept clear at all times, and that equipment, exits and exit routes are clearly signed. Employees and contractors must be provided with relevant information – and also have their own legal obligations. For example, all employees must be provided with suitable training on how to use the equipment and what to do in the event of fire.

All equipment must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and British Standards. The Responsible Person must appoint a competent person to assist in undertaking these fire precautions. This can be a third party quality assured company such as B38 Facilities Management Ltd.

  • Prevention

    Every property carries an inherent risk of fire. It is a property’s location and what it is used for that increase or decrease that risk. As well as, of course, the precautions that is put in place and maintained in order to protect fire breaking out at the property.

    Our philosophy is one of prevention first – ensuring that these precautions are in place to lessen the risk of fire and avoid its often disastrous and tragic consequences. As well as fulfilling the legal fire safety responsibilities of employers and building owners.

    To this end, we provide a range of preventative fire safety services designed to minimise the physical risk to property and educate your people. To find out more about Fire Risk Assessments, Safety Training, Fire Alarm Servicing & Maintenance or Fire Extinguisher Servicing please contact us here.

  • Detection

    The sooner fire is detected, the greater the chance of containing and controlling it to avoid damage to life and limb, property and business. We provide a comprehensive range of fire detection systems for premises of all types and sizes and organisations which operate across multiple buildings or sites.

    Our fire detection equipment installation and maintenance include; Gent systems, Aspirating Detection, Beam Detection, Control equipment and monitoring.

  • Containment

    Fires spread and take hold astonishing quickly. Fire containment encompasses extinguishing / suppression in the fastest and most effective way once the alarm has been raised, and ensuring that the fire does not spread and cause further damage to life and property.

    We supply the complete range of fire containment products and systems from a simple extinguisher to building-wide, plumbed systems and emergency door closers – all specified and installed to provide maximum containment and prevent the unnecessary spread of fire. To find out more about our maintenance and servicing packages for; Fire Extinguishers, Sprinkler systems, hose reels, suppression systems, wet & dry risers, fire blankets and automatic door closers please contact us here.

  • Evacuation

    Even more important than extinguishing a fire is the ability for people to effectively evacuate the affected premises to avoid injury or death from burns or smoke inhalation. There are very strict guidelines in place to ensure this can take place safely and effectively.

    B38 Facilities supplies the products necessary to aid evacuation of a building in the shortest possible time and via the safest possible route – namely a full range of emergency lighting and fire safety signs. We can specify the most appropriate products to ensure safety and compliance, then fit them according to the regulations and your own specific requirements.

    We can also help you put the procedures in place for effective evacuation including regular fire drills and alarm tests – all delivered by our expert Fire Safety Consultants who have years of hands-on, operational experience between them.

    To find out more about monthly and annual emergency lighting test, fire safety signs and fire evacuation drills please contact us here.

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