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Water Treatment Services


Legionnaires’ disease is an important concern to building owners, managers and tenants alike. We work with businesses delivering water treatment services ensure legal compliance and reduce risks in relation to the control and procedural aspects of working with water within commercial buildings.

Water treatment services across the UK

We provide water treatment services ranging from ACoP L8 standard domestic monitoring and Legionella risk assessments through to programmes for cold water storage tanks, boilers and cooling towers. We understand how important these water services are to our clients who value our ability to respond quickly to their needs. As part of our planned maintenance (PPM) services we also provide advice and consultancy through to microbiological sampling, water system analysis and the delivery of chemical solutions.

  • Water Treatment

    • On-site/laboratory chemical analysis
    • UKAS accredited chemical and microbiological analysis
    • A proven water treatment chemical product range
    • Biocide products proven effective against legionella
    • Chemical cleaning
    • System flushing and on-line cleaning works
    • Chemical descaling works

  • Water Hygiene

    • Cleansing/chlorination of CWS tanks/domestic services/cooling towers in accordance with Legionnaires disease ACoP L8 (2013) and Guidance HSG274 guideline standards/client directed standards
    • UKAS accredited microbiological analysis
    • Water quality audits
    • Refurbishment of CWS tanks to meet the requirements of The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999/HSG274 guideline standards
    • Refurbishment of cooling towers in accordance with manufacturers guidelines
    • Servicing/sterilisation of water softening plant

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

    • Microbiological and gas analysis
    • System cleaning in accordance with BSRIA/B&ES guideline standards
    • Ductwork Dust Thickness Testing (DTT) in accordance with B&ES
    • Indoor air quality audits and consultancy.
    • Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Airborne microbiological levels and Dust level tests
    • Air handling unit inspections

  • Consultancy

    • Full consultancy service
    • Legislative support and guidance
    • Water Hygiene Audits and “health-checks”
    • Legionella Risk assessments
    • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Risk Assessments
    • Cooling tower audits
    • Preparation/provision of logbooks to clients requirements
    • Production of Written Schemes
    • Water Safety Plans
    • Production of Legionella Policies
    • Technical/product support
    • Troubleshooting and problem solving 

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