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Exeter Pest Control Services

We provide may of our clients we have in Exeter with all bird control & bird proofing services required of us.

Exeter Pest Control services

We will never turn down a pest problem no matter how big or small, we at B38 will rid you of any pests you may run into quickly and without interrupting workflow is we can. Our team are well equipped for any possible pest problem so they are ready to deal with anything they may have to.

Exeter Rodent Control

No rodent problem will ever be too big or too disgusting for us to handle, our team are equipped to get these jobs done before you even realise it. As a business owner there are things to keep an eye out for though, many different tell-tale signs are things like:

  • Spindle-shaped Dropping
  • Musty Smells
  • Nesting Materials
  • Damaged Foods

Exeter Bird Control

Working with current legislations we have to make sure birds in the workplace are dealt with in the proper way, this isn’t something you have to worry about because we will make sure this is done right, bird and bird nests can hold many different threats with them such as different distractions by either sight or smell and also being full of different parasites which can put your workers well-being at risk.

Exeter Fly and Insect Control

Don’t let your business get brought down by flies, if you let us deal with them then you won’t even notice that they were ever there, we will sort them our quicker than you can imagine while at the same time we will offer you equipment that will stop this happening again. Such things like fly zappers and so on.

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