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Energy Services

Energy Services team delivering energy saving solution to UK commercial properties. Delivered by a skilled and experience energy team. Providing historical auditing, procurement, monitoring and management solution.

Energy Services delivered by experts in their fields. Delivering a comprehensive range of carbon reduction and energy saving solutions.

B38 Group have a dedicated team of energy services specialists ready to offer and deliver a complete range of integrated energy and carbon management services. We have the knowledge, skills and capability to deliver the relevant services specific to your working environment, bespoke to each and every commercial property.

We look to integrate our bespoke services in to your business, offering a seamless approach to service delivery. B38 Group work to ensure each client received a unique solution that is tailored to their individual requirements, this is alongside ensuring we work within the limits of our clients financial ability.

Our energy services are designed to enhance each workplace, from energy performance certificate requirements right through to renewable energy opportunities and may include LED Lighting and SMART technologies relevant to each commercial property individual requirements.

B38 Group work with each client to ensure their energy services needs and expectations are met each and every time. Delivery by B38 Group reduces the requirements for in-house management of energy services, however allows our clients to maintain full control of their own premises, any data obtained as well as benefitting from the financial savings as a result of the energy services delivered.

The delivery of our energy services, can help you control your organisation’s energy use, reduce your costs, lower your carbon emissions and achieve your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme targets. We have a proven track record in developing strategies, managing the implementation, and delivering real improvements in performance, which is why we consider ourselves a leading organisation for the delivery of energy services.

With additional requirements being implemented to ensure companies commit to Carbon reductions, green schemes, recycling and waste commitments, companies are increasingly looking in to utilising outsourced energy services companies for either a number of or all of their energy requirements. With benefits including significant cost savings, aswell as increasing property compliance and service quality. Outsourcing energy services delivery and management of specific services transfers the risk away from our client to ourselves.


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