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What are Soft Services in Facilities Management?

Soft services in facilities management improve the workplace making it a more comfortable environment to work in. Businesses put soft facilities services in place to ensure a more pleasant and safe working environment. In this article we explain what are soft services management.

Soft Services in Facilities Management

Soft Services in Facilities Management generally refer to the set of soft services management that are used by a business’ employees and can ensure a pleasant and more secure environment to work in. However, soft facilities management services are not essential and can be added or removed at any point.

Many companies often underestimate the need for soft facilities management in their organisations, but an effective soft services management is essential for every business to operate efficiently.

List of Soft Services in Facilities Management

Soft services in facilities management ensure a more pleasant, safe and secure working environment. Here’s a list of soft services in facilities management examples include:

  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Waste management services
  • Security services
  • Painting & decorating
  • Commercial grounds maintenance & landscaping
  • Office moves
  • Winter gritting services
  • Commercial catering services

A variety of soft facility management services are usually provided by a facilities management company, these can include: commercial cleaning services; waste management services; security services; decorating; office moves and catering.

Commercial Cleaning Service

A clean working environment has been known to stimulate a healthy working environment, easily motivating and engaging employees. Also, keeping a clean environment reduces the risk of accidents occurring as an unclean environment increases the tendency to hazardous substances to go unnoticed to the organisations workers.

Additionally, the risk of the organisations workers contacting diseases in an unclean environment is high. This altogether reduces the productivity of the company and can be prevented by a commercial cleaning service with a facilities management company.

Waste Management Service

Most facilities management companies possess waste management services that provide for the gathering, transiting, processing, recycling and sometimes disposal of materials that can’t be recycled. In a century where a lot of focus has been placed on how companies take care of their waste products, this is an important service to have.

With increasing government interest in how organisations manage their waste, comes the need for advanced planning and record keeping on waste management processes in place. Facilities management companies help to achieve this.

Commercial Security Services

Security issues plaguing a company range from protection of the companies assets, damages to facilities, the companies buildings, buildings outside the company that can affect the image or workings of the business.

Facilities management companies offer services not limited to security and access control, emergency response services, door, locks and safe installation. They can also provide, configure, implement and maintain modern security devices such as security alarms systems, data collections and processing systems and CCTV.

Other soft services offered by facilities management companies include software setup and upgrade, system database backup, testing the functionalities of core equipment and diagnosing possible problems with minor troubleshooting.


It has been observed from statistics that companies that place a lot of interest in interior design outperforms companies that don’t. A psychological reason for this is “the eating with your eyes” syndrome, which simply means that the more appealing something is to our eyes, the more tendency we have to buy it.

Hence, facilities management companies also offer services that enhance the appearance of your organisation, this includes the painting and decorating of your companies building, managing commercial fit-outs and so on.

Office Moves

It is often said that movement of office equipment during change of locations can be extremely stressful for both the managers and employees within a building; a facilities management company can manage the full office move process, ensuring the protection of your equipment during an office move, management of dilapidation survey and office fit outs.

Commercial Catering

In an organisation, catering to the desires of the workers and visitors should be of utmost importance as it helps to boost productivity. This can be achieved with a facilities management company that offers an exceptional catering service.

Many facilities management companies have a wealth of staff rich in knowledge and experience to create the best set of dishes that often leave your workers invigorated and well primed for more productive work.

Why Should You Outsource Your Soft Services Management To A Facilities Management Company?

Outsourcing your soft services requirements to a reliable facilities management company will bring many benefits to your business. B38 Group are a leading provider of national facilities management services. There are a number of reasons why you should outsource your soft services to B38 Group including:

  • Get a fresh perspective
  • Offer additional services
  • Benefit from skilled personnel
  • Access relevant equipment

By facilities management outsourcing to B38 Group, we can offer a fresh perspective with our wealth of knowledge and experience to support with soft services in facilities management. In addition to soft facilities services, we also offer a range of other services to support with your facility management requirements which is much more cost effective than single contracting.

Here at B38 Group, we have built a team of dedicated, skilled and experience professionals who always deliver a superior facilities management solutions to each and every one of our clients. You can benefit from experts within the industry with our team of highly skilled engineers.

The cost acquiring the relevant tools and equipment to undertake the works in house can be substantial which is why you should outsource to a facilities management company. B38 Group have invested heavily in the latest equipment and machinery to carry out all of the services we offer.

As a leading provider of national facilities management services, B38 Group deliver soft and hard facilities management services to a variety of businesses, organisations and SMEs based throughout the UK. B38 Group is one of the fastest growing facility management companies in the UK. We have many industry recognised accreditations including ISO Standards, CHAS and SafeContractor.

We operate our leading facilities management services across all of the following market sectors:

Some of our popular hard and soft facility management services include, but are not limited to the following:

As a leading provider of facility management services, B38 Group are focused on delivering an exceptional service, everyday to each and everyone of our clients. We provide essential and sustainable facility management solutions to businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK and Ireland.

Due to are rapid growth B38 Group is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing facility management companies in the UK. We are always on the lookout for the right candidates to join our facilities management teams. If you’re looking for a facilities management career with difference then check out our range of facilities management careers opportunities.

For more information on our national facilities management services, please contact B38 Group on 0800 0806 247 or simply fill in the contact form below.

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