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Undertaking an Office Fit Out

How an office fit out can help create the perfect office space for your business.

B38 Group work with a range of clients, from all different marker sectors, supporting with their office fit out. If you have a clear idea of the placement of every desk or just a rough idea that you need to make a few changes within an office space, B38 Group will offer a full design and build service to deliver upon each and every requirement of our client.

We work to ensure your office fit out accommodates employees, visitors and customers to your business and that they have the best possible experience from the office space we have helped you create.

B38 Group work to deliver all office fit out projects on time and within the designated budget. Our clients have the confidence that our office fit out team will undertake and manage all types and scales of projects. Including small property changes such as the installation of internal walls to create a boardroom, right through to complete renovation of entire office buildings. Our office fit out service is bespoke to each and every clients and can be delivered across all property types including but not limited to factory offices, healthcare offices or contact centre offices.

The office fit out team, part of our commercial fit out team are experts in workspace optimisation and will work to create an optimised office space that works for your company and employees. An office fit out can be complex as it will affect the working practices of the office. B38 Group can support with an office fit out for an empty shell space, simple upgrades or a full refurbishment following dilapidation works.

Delivering a high quality service alongside ensuring the health and safety of our people and yours are our top two priorities. Our clients can be assured of our full dedication and commitment for a high-quality service delivery.

What Is Involved In An Office Fit Out?

The B38 Group office fit out team are experts in workspace optimisation and creating an office workspace that is extra special. Our office fit out project team will assess your office space and work with you to develop a design that works for your organisation for now and into the future.

An office fit out can range from simple to complex operations. Simple office renovations will often allow for the work space to still be utilised by your staff during the works. Our team will work around yours to ensure minimal disruption to the working day, with the utmost consideration paid to the health and safety of all occupants of the building.

A more complex office fit out may require the workspace to be fully vacated and alternative office space should be sought during the renovations. This will allow the B38 Group office fit out team to work efficiently and effectively to undertake the planned works.

The Benefits Of Undertaking An Office Fit Out

An office fit out can deliver a number of benefits for your business and employees:

  • More Efficient Use of Space
    By looking at the overall layout, rather than focusing on one department/area at a time allows better judgment to be paid to what layout works best. Additionally, how the space is going to be used functionally within in the workplace. Considerations should be paid to where equipment and furniture is located. electrical fixtures, lighting and air conditioning are placed as well as defined storage areas and partition walls if required.
  • Great First Impression
    The aesthetics of an office have a great impact on the impression offered to potential clients and employees. This impression can ultimately affect a clients preference in working with a specific company. Although the work involved in an office fit out may be daunting for some companies, if managed correctly, the process can be efficient, effective and generate a great first impression of the company.
  • Boost Company Image
    What people think and feel about a company can be influenced by the appearance of an office. Creating a brighter, clean looking office will ensure visitors and employees have a positive impact and impression. Tidy, well organised spaces give the feeling of professionalism and organisation within a company.

B38 Group offer Office Fit Outs across all market sectors:

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