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Does My Business Need A Water Risk Assessment?

Water risk assessment companies undertake risk assessments in everyday practice. B38 Group are a national facilities management company capable of conducting water treatment services including risk assessments and legionella testing throughout the UK. If you are managing a commercial premises that contain any water systems, you are required to ensure a water risk assessment is completed.

National Water Risk Assessments

Undertaking a water risk assessment is a very important activity. This is simply because you need to ensure the health and safety of the occupiers of the workplace.

The duty of performing a water risk assessment is definitively more complex because there are multiple factors that determine the results. It is important to understand the reasons behind requiring a risk assessment and having access to the relevantly qualified team to undertake it.

The Health and Safety Executive website offers a range of information applicable to commercial property owners, landlords and tenant, clearly defining the responsibilities for undertaking a risk assessment, water hygiene testing and water treatment.

Ultimately, as an employer or landlord, you are responsible for the health and safety of those occupying the property and need to take the correct precautions to reduce the risk of legionella exposure as part of the property compliance. A water risk assessment will identify and assess sources of risk. Allowing you, as the person responsible for the health and safety of those within the building, to manage, prevent and control them. It is essential that you keep and maintain the relevant records to demonstrate this.

The Risk Factor of a Water Risk Assessment

Not undertaking or a poor provision of a assessment can be contextualised in to three areas of risk which are the financial risk, operational risk and reputational risk. All these three risks are linked to your business. These are essential considerations when planning your water risk assessment.

  1. Operational Risk

A risk assessment is designed to protect those within a property. The significant risk of poor water hygiene is the potential to contract Legionnaires Disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by inhaling small droplets of contaminated water containing Legionella.

Without performing the relevant water assessments and following up with the relevant water hygiene testing and water treatment, those within the building are at risk of falling ill. Illness within a company can have severe detrimental effect to the operations of a company. A reduced workforce due to illness can severely affect productivity output. Slowing down procedures and processes, increasing workload and stresses for those remaining within the business.

  1. Reputational Risk

Positive processes and procedures enhance your company’s reputation. Although a assessment in your company is unlikely to deliver great PR. The negative impact of not undertaking the risk assessment can be catastrophic to a company’s reputation.

Press releases in the past relating to water hygiene have often been negative. They have reported the consequences of not undertaking the relevant hygiene and water treatment followed by the risk assessment. This includes death and severe illness.

Many companies reputation would be severely tarnished if not completely crumble should negative PR be released regarding water hygiene.

  1. Financial Risk

When it comes to financial risk, this can be caused by a number of different factors. Failure to meet water regulations have an impact on the financial risk.

Expanding on the operational risk. Should this risk factor be triggered, it is likely there will be a financial impact due to reduced productivity and additional workloads being allocated internally.

Considering the legal requirements associated with a risk assessment, there is the financial risk of fines being imposed. These can vary according to the legislation that has been broken.

Overall, water risk assessment is an exceptional exercise that every commercial property should have. This develops a comprehensive water strategy in your business from a good water risk assessment foundation. Water risk assessments will provide you a clear sense of direction and allow effective prioritisation.  Always ensure you review the water strategy with current legal requirements.

For more information read our article on how do you control legionella in water.

National Facilities Management Company

B38 Group are one of the fastest growing facilities management companies in the UK. We are an industry leading provider of nationwide facilities management services. Our hard and soft facilities management solutions support multi-sector businesses, blue chip organisations and SMEs throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Our hard and soft facilities management services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Portable appliance testing
  • Planned, preventative maintenance
  • Building fabric maintenance
  • M&E maintenance
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Emergency and reactive maintenance
  • Water treatment services including legionella testing

We operate our nationwide facilities management services across all of the following market sectors:

Our team of dedicated, skilled and experienced professionals work around the clock to deliver essential and sustainable facility management solutions. The hardwork of our fantastic team is what makes B38 Group one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies. As a leading provider of national facility management solutions, we have been award many facilities management accrediation including Gas Safe Registered and CHAS.

If you are looking to arrange a Water Risk Assessment for your business, please call B38 Group on 0800 0806 247 or use the contact form below.

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