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What is a TFM Contract?

Facilities management companies deliver essential and sustainable facilities management solutions to businesses, organisations and SMEs around the globe. By outsourcing your facilities management requirements to a reliable FM company your business is able to focus on what it does best. When deciding on facilities management outsourcing there are a number of different contract options available to you – one is a TFM contract. In this article we explain what is a TFM contract and the benefits of choosing this type of contract.

So, What is TFM Contract?

TFM is an acronym for Total Facilities Management. A total facilities management contract means you are outsourcing all of your facilities management requirements to one supplier. By choosing a TFM contract you are handing over the responsibility and the risks associated with service provision to one company.

A total facilities management contract will incorporate a range of facility management services which includes everything from planned, preventative maintenance and water treatment services to commercial cleaning services and security services. When choosing a TFM contract provider it is important you choose a company that understands exactly what you need; exceptional services, at a competitive price, delivered by skilled and experienced individuals and utilising the latest technology.

B38 Group are a total facilities management supplier, you can expect us to always self-deliver where possible and operate as one team providing our clients with essential and sustainable facilities management solutions. To deliver a successful total facilities management contract, B38 Group work together to achieve set out objectives and KPI’s  in order to deliver a seamless service to our clients.

Benefits of a TFM Contract

There are a number of benefits that can occur from choosing a TFM contract. Here are the benefits of choosing a Total Facilities Management (TFM) contract:

  • A TFM contract is much easier to manage as you only have one contract and one point of contract for the fm services you receive.
  • A total facilities management contract is much more cost effective. The amount of money you can save by choosing a TFM contract depends on the current facilities management service model in place, but clients can expect to save a significant amount of money on their annual operating costs just by choosing a total facilities management contract.
  • Flexibility to react to unpredictable circumstances.
  • Improvements for accountability and tracking the performance of service delivery.
  • Increased security of business operations.
  • Continuous improvements on the delivery of services based on reviews and service level agreements.
  • Effective facilities management services will improve staff morale and motivation which often means there is greater scope for progression and growth.
  • TFM providers are able to effectively manage the transition from in-house teams and multiple third party providers to deliver essential facilities management solutions.
  • Some service provider offer a fixed price for the contract which makes it easier to plan your budget.

National Facilities Management Services

B38 Group are a leading provider of national facilities management services. We provide a wide range of hard and soft facilities management services to businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK.

Our range of hard facilities management services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Planned, preventative maintenance (PPM)
  • Health and safety
  • Building fabric maintenance
  • Gas, plumbing and heating services
  • Mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance
  • Emergency and reactive maintenance
  • Commercial painting services
  • Pest control services
  • Watering treatment services including Legionella testing
  • Roofing contractors

We also offer soft services management such as commercial cleaning services, ground maintenance and landscaping and commercial security services.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing facility management companies, B38 Group have achieved many facilities management accreditation including ISO Standards, CHAS and SafeContractor. We deliver our facilities management services across a spectrum of market sectors including: education facilities management, sport and leisure facilities management, commercial properties, automotive facilities management, healthcare facilities management, corporate facilities and much more.

For more information on facilities management outsourcing to B38 Group, please contact us on 0800 0806 247 or simply fill in the form below.

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