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What is M&E and What Does It Mean For Your Business?

M&E Maintenance refers to the Mechanical and Electrical systems that are installed and maintained by a facilities management company. In this article, we explain what is M&E and what does it mean for your business.

What Is M&E Maintenance?

Mechanical and electrical (M&E maintenance) systems and their components have common characteristics including the maintenance, servicing and certification requirements. But what is M&E and what does it mean for your business?

These are two different types of systems which work in coordination.

Example Mechanical Systems:

• Infrastructure
• Tools and Equipment
• Plant and Machinery
• Heating and Ventilation

Example Electrical Systems:

• Power Supply and Distribution
• Control Systems
• Telecommunications
• Electrical Equipment

Mechanical and Electrical Installations

Mechanical and electrical installations can take place in any commercial property. M&E installations should be undertaken by engineers who are highly technical and knowledgeable about the systems due to high complexity and bespoke nature. M&E installations should be planned effectively, ensuring the infrastructure at the heart of the business is safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective. They should be in line with the company’s current requirements and requirements for the foreseeable future.

The M&E installation project management team should be on hand through all stages of planning, installation and testing, additionally providing an insight in to the maintenance requirements of the systems.

Mechanical and Electrical Installations may include:

• Kitchen Extract Systems
• Ventilation Systems
• Cold Rooms
• Air Conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Ductwork
• Heating Systems and Boilers

The M&E systems installed should make a commercial property work better and more efficiently. An M&E installation team with history and strong portfolio within the design and installation of the different components will work to achieve aims such as reducing environmental impact and increase efficiency and user. Energy savings and payback periods should be demonstrated prior to going ahead with any works.

Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

A core service of many facilities management companies is to manage mechanical and electrical maintenance. Client requirements are unique and may range from full-time on-site support or periodic inspections and maintenance. The maintenance may include planned, preventative maintenance contracts, fault finding, regular repairs and a 24-hour emergency and reactive services.

Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Services may include:

• Electrical Inspection and Testing
• Portable Appliance Testing
• Gas Safety & Gas Soundness
• Emergency Lighting Testing
• Life System Testing

M&E maintenance is an essential service as it can determine the internal environmental conditions that affect commercial property. It is essential to provide conditions that ensure a safe and efficient working environment for the occupants to allow them to achieve maximum performance. This is likely to lead to the business also functioning at an optimum level and being more effective.

Regular internal health and safety inspections and audits on mechanical and electrical components ensure that the health and safety compliance requirements are met.

M&E maintenance is easier to schedule as opposed to emergency and reactive maintenance.  Should a breakdown occur, efficiency and productivity is likely to be reduced for a set period of time. Whereas with scheduled maintenance, it is likely, potential issues will be caught prior to issues occurring.

Risks of Mechanical and Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance teams are to be aware of the risks when undertaking any works, this includes risks to themselves, the property and property occupants. They should be able to control the rapidly changing circumstances when dealing with maintenance and repair. Some of the situations the mechanical and electrical maintenance teams face are, encountering unknown hazardous substances, dealing with unsecured structures, working at heights, engineering controls failing to work and insufficient lighting.

It is the responsibility of the staff that is carrying out any maintenance or repairs to understand the risks of their work. They are to comply with procedures and method statement. If there are any arising unforeseen risks which do not have measures in place, they should immediately report the situation. A dynamic risk assessment should be undertaken for every work activity.

All facilities management companies offering mechanical and electrical maintenance services should be committed to ensuring a safe working environment.

4 M&E Services that are available:

Air Conditioning

Investing in a modern, commercial air conditioning system to maintain a cool and comfortable workplace. Air conditioning installation can be undertaken during property construction or retrofit. Air conditioning maintenance ensures the system will be in the best working condition throughout the year.

Emergency Lighting

The major function of emergency lighting is to provide a direct and clear passage to people working in a commercial property. This is effective when there is a loss of electrical supply in a property and there is a failure in the general lighting supply.

Security and Alarms

Most commercial properties have assets that need to be kept safe and protected from theft, damage and vadalism. Therefore, security systems are installed. Authorised access is are controlled using doors, gates, barriers, bollards, turnstiles and safes. Electronic access controls are the most efficient security systems.

Gas and Heating

Heating systems in commercial properties may be necessary. This will help to create a comfortable environment for the occupants of the property, and also may be needed in activities such as drying and cooking. Gas and heating system maintenance ensures the system will be in the best working condition.

M&E is associated with the installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment. M&E services conserve a commercial property and support in maximising property efficiency. B38 Group is one of the fastest growing facilities management companies in the UK. We provide facility management services to businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK. We have industry recognised accreditation including ISO Standards, CHAS and Safe Contractor. If you are looking in to M&E services, please contact B38 Group on 0800 0806 247 or use the contact form below.

National Facilities Management Services 

B38 Group are an industry leading provider of national facilities management services. Our teams deliver a wide range of hard facilities management and soft services management to businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK.

As a leading provider of nationwide facilities management services, B38 Group operate across all of the following market sectors:

For more information on outsourcing your M&E maintenance to B38 Group a provider of national facilities management services, please contact us on 0800 0806 247 or simply fill in the contact form below with your request.

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