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What is PPM?

What is PPM maintenance? Planned, Preventative Maintenance is any form of maintenance scheduled to be performed on a piece of equipment or on building fabric. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about PPM maintenance

Definition of PPM

PPM also known as Planned, preventative maintenance or as planned maintenance, scheduled maintenance, PPM maintenance or preventive maintenance. With this form of maintenance, equipment and building fabric inspections and testing are undertaken at regular intervals by specially trained engineers to prevent the potential for breakdown, confirm safety and ensure it is efficient in operation.

PPM maintenance usually involves careful planning and scheduling. It sometimes becomes a very complex process especially for companies that have larger properties, a number of different sites and large amounts of equipment and machinery.

It can either be time based or condition monitored. Time based preventative maintenance involves the scheduling of maintenance at regular intervals, while condition based maintenance involves the performance of preventative maintenance based on certain indicators. These indicators are most often based on deteriorating equipment or building fabric condition.

Benefits of PPM Maintenance

Here are 6 benefits of planned, preventative maintenance:

  1. Improved Equipment Life: The primary aim of PPM maintenance is to enhance the productivity of equipment and prolonging the longevity of building fabric. By ensuring equipment is running efficiently and for a longer time scale, this eliminates the premature replacement of equipment and machinery.
  2. Decreased Equipment Downtime: When equipment is operating at its maximum efficiency and there is a reduction in equipment downtime, this in turn increases the productivity of the company.
  3. Reduced Overhead Costs: PPM maintenance enhances the longevity of equipment and building fabric so reduces potential expenditure on replacement equipment and building fabric components. There is also likely to be a reduction in the energy supply costs as equipment in good working condition often consume less power. Hence, highly efficient equipment enables the company to increase profits.
  4. Improved Work Scheduling: PPM is a more economical use of maintenance engineers times as they are able to work based on the scheduled plans of the preventative maintenance rather than a reactive basis. Emergency and reactive maintenance often takes time to arrange and causes disruption to the working day. PPM maintenance can support in the prevention of this.
  5. Circumvention of Large Scale Repairs: The regular nature of PPM maintenance prevents the trickle-down phenomena, which is simply the accumulation of small problems into a larger one. As equipment parts or building fabric components in need of repair are noticed at early stages of failure during maintenance checks.
  6. Improved Workplace Safety: The highest levels of safety in the workplace can only be achieved when equipment is working and building fabric is in the best condition possible. There is also a potential to reduce insurance premiums as well-maintained equipment and buildings are considered safer.

Disadvantages of PPM Maintenance

Here are 3 disadvantages of planned, preventative maintenance:

  1. Initial Investments: The cost of starting a PPM maintenance plan is often considered an expense to an organisation. Facilities management companies offer various contracts to accommodate different businesses and the facility management services they require. More often, the savings made against the initial investment are substantial due to the cost saving measures a facilities management company is able to implement.
  2. Over Maintained: PPM is undertaken even in the case that there is no signs of faults or issues. This can be considered a waste of resources, however should a fault or issue be found, it negates this disadvantage.
  3. Failures Still Happen: Despite the time and effort put in to ensure equipment is working safely, efficiently and effectively, it does not eliminate the potential for failures, only minimises this.
Why your company needs a PPM Maintenance Plan with a Facilities Management Company?

Investing in a PPM maintenance plan with a facilities management company has the benefit of reducing the disadvantages as listed above. Facilities management companies provide the equipment and engineers required for the PPM maintenance, the organisation need not invest in any in-house property management that may cost significantly more. This benefits are likely to cancel out the investment cost of the scheduled maintenance.

Also, as the facilities management company recruit and manage the engineers required for the maintenance operation, there is no waste of man hours on the clients part. The facility management company have access to the latest technology and equipment and with specialised, skilled engineers within each service area. This makes them a better choice than in-house engineers.

Well scheduled PPM maintenance is an added benefit of utilising a facilities management company as work is likely to be scheduled as not to interfere with the organisations working schedule.

PPM Maintenance Company

B38 Group is a Wakefield-based PPM Maintenance company. Our planned preventative maintenance services support businesses, organisations and SMEs sites throughout the UK and Ireland. Not only are we a ppm management company, but we also offer a range of property support services including; facilities management, property maintenance, construction, civil engineering, interior fit-out and energy services.

B38 Group is a leading provider of national facilities management services. Our hard and soft facilities management services are trusted by a number of high profile and blue chip organisations. We provide exceptional facility management solutions everyday to to exceed each and every one of our clients’ expectations. As one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies, B38 Group have achieved many facilities management accreditation including ISO Standards, NIC EIC and CHAS.

For further information on outsourcing your planned preventative maintenance services to a national PPM maintenance company, please contact B38 Group on 0800 0806 247 or use the contact form below to see how we can help you.

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