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What is the Meaning of Building Maintenance?

Proper building maintenance is important to your business. It ensures the premises and environment continues to be a hygienic, secure and pleasant place to work. In this article we explain what is the meaning of building maintenance.

What is Building Maintenance?

Building maintenance is the process of ensuring building premises and other assets continue to operate at maximum efficiency and retains an exceptional appearance. Maintenance of a building involves the premises’s upkeep which includes the structural, electrical and plumbing systems. The complexity of managing a building is always increasing. Building premises are no longer  maintained by an onsite caretaker or handyman.

Maintaining a building is a complex operation and requires the right skills, experience and technology to manage a building premises, adhere to property and building compliance requirements as well as making continual improvements to efficiency. Outsourcing your building maintenance requirements to a reliable facilities management company means they will be responsible for managing your building and its grounds. The responsibilities can vary between different buildings.

Proper building maintenance will help to prevent the process of decay of a building, maintain structural stability and safety as well as ensuring continued building compliance against statutory requirements. However, a poorly maintained building can create big problems such as degradation, reduce performance and affect the health and safety of individuals around the area.

Why is building maintenance important? There’s 3 main reasons why proper maintenance is important for every business these are; the health and safety of employees, more cost effective and improves the appearance.

Different Types of Building Maintenance

Here’s the different types of building maintenance:

  • Planned Maintenance – Planned maintenance involves any type of maintenance activity which is planned, documented and scheduled. The purpose of planned maintenance is to reduce the amount of time spent on large repairs by having essential resources to already example. For example, a boiler service is a type of planned maintenance.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Preventative maintenance refers to the type of maintenance which is regularly carried out on a piece of equipment to prevent the likelihood of it breaking. This type of maintenance is performed whilst the equipment is still operational so, that is doesn’t breakdown unexpectedly. For example, oil changes is a type of preventative maintenance. Planned and preventative maintenance activities are often merged together to become PPM planned preventative maintenance.
  • Reactive Maintenance – Reactive maintenance refers to repairs which are completed when equipment has already broken down. These repairs will fix the equipment so, it is back operating to its optimum efficiency. This type of maintenance can also be known as breakdown maintenance.
  • Front-line Maintenance – Front-line maintenance involves any type of maintenance activities which are completed whilst something is in still in use. For example, painting and decorating an occupied office.
  • Proactive Maintenance – Proactive maintenance is the opposite of reactive maintenance because it involves maintenance activities that are carried out to avoid failure or to identify issues which could lead to failure.
  • Scheduled Maintenance – This is any type of maintenance activity which is arranged to be done ahead of time and within a certain period. Scheduled maintenance could either be a one-time task or a reoccurring task which is done at regular time intervals. For example, a regular service or a planned shutdown.

National Facilities Management Company

B38 Group is a leading national facilities management company. We deliver commercial property support services including; facilities management, property maintenance, construction, civil engineering, property fit out and energy services. Our hard facilities management and soft facilities management services support multi-sector businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

As a leading provider of facilities management services, we operate our fm services across all of the following marketing sectors:

Facilities management refers to the management of facilities within the built environment at a strategic and day-to-day level to deliver functioning objectives to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Our team of hardworking, skilled and experienced facilities management professionals deliver essential and sustainable facility management solutions to each and every one of our clients. We ensure our facilities management services minimise disruption and keep your business operational.

Some of our popular facility management services include, but are not limited to:

B38 Group are one of the fastest growing facilities management companies in the UK. Due to our impressive growth, we are always on the lookout for ideal candidates to join our growing facilities management team. If you’re looking for facilities management careers with a difference then check out our current facilities management vacancies.

Here at B38 Group, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional facilities management service. We have achieved a number of facilities management certifications including ISO Standards; ISO 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For more information on our building maintenance services please contact us on 0800 0806 247 or simply fill in the form below with your request.

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