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Yorkshire Facilities Management and Construction

Facilities Management in Harrogate

We maintain23buildings in Harrogate

We employ2engineers in Harrogate

B38 Group employs15+cleaning staff in Harrogate

Property Services & Facilities Management in Harrogate

B38 Group provide commercial facilities management in Harrogate, delivering a range of property support services. Offering a solution for all Harrogate based companies, B38 Group facilities management company deliver single service, multi-service and total facilities management according to our Harrogate clients requirements.

B38 Group deliver and manage facilities management in Harrogate, priding ourselves on the range of commercial property support solutions and services delivered to clients across the county. Delivered by a dependable facility management company, B38 Group focus on a superior facilities management service delivery and exemplary communication with our clients.

Being based just 50 minutes away from Harrogate as well as being a leading UK Property Management Service and Facilities Management business, B38 Group can provide facilities management solutions, big or small both efficiently and effectively. B38 Group is a leading facilities management company as well as a maintenance service provider in Yorkshire. We succeed in providing commercial services throughout the whole of Harrogate as well as the surrounding areas and the rest of the UK. Harrogate is not only a spa town in the North of Yorkshire, it is also historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The town has been known to be a tourist destination because of such attractions as spa waters and RHS Harlow Carr gardens.

  • Planned, Preventative Maintenance in Harrogate

    Our PPM maintenance programmes across Harrogate can help our clients to ensure that building fabric, mechanical and electrical components are well-maintained, safe for use, and at a reduced risk of breakdown. B38 Group works around the clock to ensure that the risk of component failure and building degradation is minimised. Our qualified team of engineers assist with air conditioning servicing, water testing and fire, light and security system servicing, making us a comprehensive facilities management provider in the UK.
  • Building Fabric and Emergency Repairs in Harrogate

    Our B38 Group 24/7 helpdesk is ready to assist and dispatch relevant qualified engineers to action problems, breakdowns or incidents, with 99.6% of reactive works being actioned within 4 hours. Our proximity to the town allows us to offer an efficient and effective commercial property management solution in Harrogate.
  • With various tourist attractions, in addition to offices, industrial and retail properties, clients in Harrogate require our services to assist with all aspects of facilities management and commercial building maintenance. Our team engineers and cleaning staff help to maintain a number of buildings in Harrogate.

    • Air Conditioning

      B38 Group’s team of Fgas certified and CHAS credited engineers are here to assist with your commercial air conditioning requirements in Harrogate. We offer a high-quality service in all aspects of air conditioning maintenance – be it installation, maintenance or repair.

      Air Conditioning Installation in Harrogate

      B38 Group help you to select the right product to suit your needs by considering your heating, cooling and fresh air requirements. Across the varying British seasons, we can help you to ensure that your office maintains optimal temperature, keeping staff and visitors alike content with a high-quality air conditioning system.

      Air Conditioning Maintenance in Harrogate

      B38 Group can help you to maintain your system by regular servicing, with repairs and upgrades where necessary to ensure continued smooth operation of your business.

      Air Conditioning Repairs in Harrogate

      B38 Group work around the clock to deliver time-effective maintenance and emergency repair services. Our PPM programmes are thorough, and help to prevent the risk of breakdown. However, should the unexpected happen, B38 Group’s quality and timely solutions will allow you and your business peace of mind.

    • Electrical Inspection & Testing

      B38 Group can assist Harrogate clients with aspects of electrical inspection from PAT testing to installations and through to emergency responses. As an organisation which pride ourselves on quality, B38 Group are an exceptional choice to implement effective electrical solutions.

      Inspection and Testing in Harrogate

      B38 Group helps to ensure that your business remains safe for staff and visitors alike. Our NICEIC accredited electricians in Harrogate provide regular inspection and testing services for a range of electrical items.

      Portable Appliance Testing in Harrogate

      To meet the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, it is vital for businesses to ensure that any electrical appliance with the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. We issue relevant certificates as standard following tests by our reliable service team.

      Emergency Electricians in Harrogate

      We work with clients across Harrogate to implement Planned, Preventative Maintenance procedures and minimise the risk of breakdown. Should the unexpected happen, our team of skilled electricians are ready to assist with emergency problems, allowing yourself and your business peace of mind.

    • Commercial Plumbing & Heating

      B38 Group offer design and installation of plumbing and heating works in Harrogate. Our services include water cylinders, storage tanks, water heaters, solar energy and kitchen, toilet and washroom facilities.

      Commercial Boiler Servicing in Harrogate

      At B38 Group, our team of qualified heating engineers in Harrogate are able to assist with servicing, repairs and necessary upgrades. We aim to ensure that your boiler is performing at an optimum standard, to keep your business running smoothly.

      Emergency Plumber in Harrogate

      Plumbing problems can affect a business to the point of closure. B38 Group are here to deliver quality and time-effective solutions, allowing yourself and your business peace of mind.

    • Water Risk, Treatment & Hygiene

      B38 Group have a team of qualified staff to conduct regular water testing, which helps to prevent build-up of Legionella and other harmful bacteria. With B38 Group’s assistance, our qualified staff can help to ensure that your business meets ACop L8 standards.

      Water Testing in Harrogate

      B38 Group assists clients with testing commercial water systems thanks to our team of water treatment and hygiene experts. This helps to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria, such as Legionella, safeguarding your business’s staff and clients alike.

      Legionella Risk Assessment in Harrogate

      Our comprehensive maintenance and testing procedures help to reduce the serious risk of Legionella in your water containment systems, safeguarding your business.

      Water Treatment in Harrogate

      All of B38 Group’s work is conducted to BS6700 standards which assists in controlling Legionella by ensuring clean, well-maintained and appropriately-treated water systems. This helps our clients to comply with ACop L8 standards and pass risk assessments.

    • Fire & Security

      B38 Group are able to offer high-quality Fire & Security Services in Harrogate. Our services include fire prevention and containment systems, security, CCTV and alarm systems to help you to safeguard your business.

      CCTV Installation in Harrogate

      B38 Group can help you to implement effective deterrent and security tools to protect your business. With monitored and maintained CCTV installations across Harrogate, we can help you to find an effective product for your needs.

      Security in Harrogate

      B38 Group provide various security services in Harrogate, from manned guarding through to security consultancy. We also offer a CCTV monitoring service.

      Fire Risk Assessment in Harrogate

      B38 Group offer a fire safety legislation compliant Fire Risk Assessment service in Liverpool meeting the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order. This is undertaken by the Fire Safety Consultant in Harrogate, ensuring your commercial property is compliant and adhering to the highest levels of Fire Safety

    • Lighting and Emergency Lighting

      B38 Group offer an extensive range of in-house lighting services, in addition to the installation, testing and maintenance of emergency lighting. Our Harrogate clients can benefit from our team of engineers who carry out thorough PPM programmes for all in-house lighting requirements.

      Lighting Installation in Harrogate

      Our team are happy to assist you in finding a product to meet your needs. B38 Group work with clients according to their budgets and lighting requirements. External lights, flood lighting with sensors and relevant control panels increase security in properties across Harrogate.

      Lighting Maintenance in Harrogate

      B38 Group have an ongoing service plan to ensure that lighting systems remain fully operational and cause as little inconvenience as possible for your business. We can assist with replacing old fittings and ensuring that the lighting layout remains appropriate for the environment, reducing the risk of breakdown and improving cost-efficiency.

      Emergency Lighting in Harrogate

      Our team of professional electricians help to implement emergency lighting systems, which are necessary in the event of loss of mains power or normal lighting failure. We regularly test and maintain emergency lighting across Harrogate.

    • Pest Control

      B38 Group offer a comprehensive range of effective pest control services across Harrogate. We can help you to eliminate unwanted pests from offices, factories, workshops and shops, ensuring the continued operation of your business.

      Pest Control in Harrogate

      We can help you to remove pests such as mice, wasps, fleas, roaches, birds or other species causing nuisance for your business. Our methods are humane and as least toxic as possible, ensuring the safe and ethical removal of pests from your business.

      Pest Prevention in Harrogate

      Undoubtedly in the case of pests, prevention is the most effective solution. Our preventative methods can help to minimise the potential for unwanted pests – from traps to bird proofing, we have a solution to suit all clients.

    • We provide in and around Harrogate, these include: Also in the surrounding areas such as:


      Nationwide Facilities Management Services

      B38 Group are an industry leading provider of nationwide facilities management services. We operate our facilities management services on a national basis from our headquarters in West Yorkshire. Our hard facilities management and soft facilities management services support multi-sector businesses, organisations and SMEs throughout the UK and surrounding regions.

      As a leading facility management company, we offer our fm services across all of the following market sectors:

      Our team of dedicated, skilled and experienced facilities management experts deliver essential and sustainable facility management solutions to each and every one of our clients. Here at B38 Group, we pride ourselves of providing superior facility management services at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

      Some of our popular facilities management services include, but are not limited to the following:

      Over the years, B38 Group have achieved a number of facilities management certifications including CHAS, SafeContractor and ISO Standards.

      For more information on facilities management outsourcing to B38 Group a leading facilities management company, please contact us.

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