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Facilities Management in Wakefield

We maintain28buildings in Wakefield

We employ22engineers in Wakefield

B38 Group employs40+cleaning staff in Wakefield

Property Services & Facilities Management in Wakefield.

B38 Group provide commercial facilities management in Wakefield, delivering a range of property support services. Offering a solution for all Wakefield based companies, B38 Group facilities management company deliver single service, multi-service and total facilities management according to our Wakefield clients requirements.

Aswell as being home to our headquarters, B38 Group deliver and manage facilities management in Wakefield. B38 Group headquarters is located on one of the main routes in to the city and our specialist team of engineers and cleaning staff helps to ensure the smooth delivery of our FM services. We help clients to achieve compliance regulations and reduce the risk of building fabric, mechanical and electrical components breakdown and failure.

  • Planned, Preventative Maintenance in Wakefield

    The city enjoys one of the most extensive regeneration schemes in the United Kingdom, with development sites and opportunities abundant. Given the city’s origins, including a strong history of coal mining, B38 Group are proud to be a part of the next stage of corporate evolution. As a skilled service delivering facilities management in Wakefield, we have a team of professional, personable advisors and engineers on hand for all of your commercial property services needs.

    Our professional team is skilled across all aspects of Planned, Preventative Maintenance, allowing you to protect your business for years to come. We offer a range of commercial building maintenance services from emergency lighting to fire systems, and given our proximity to the surrounding area we are able to work to your needs and deadlines.

  • Building Fabric & Emergency Repairs in Wakefield

    B38 Group operate a 24/7 helpdesk to serve our clients’ needs in Wakefield. Our efficient helpdesk means that we are able to respond to 99.6% of callouts within 4 hours, either offering emergency repairs or providing a secure temporary fix until a permanent solution is available. Whenever the unexpected happens, be it leaking pipes or unsecured buildings, B38 Group is here to help and offer you peace of mind.
  • Property Services & Facilities Management in Wakefield

    Wakefield is the fastest growing economy in the Leeds City Region and many renowned brands including Coca Cola, DHL, Haribo and Warburtons have offices in the vicinity. Perhaps this is due to the city’s accessibility; at the heart of the UK, Wakefield enjoys direct trainline access to London and is close to five major airports allows us to effectively reach clients, not only in Wakefield but across the UK, with optimum speed.

    B38 Group are pleased to be part of the growing commercial community and deliver facilities management in Wakefield and surrounding areas. With many larger corporations choosing to run a number of operations in Wakefield, the variety of market sectors we work in is expanding, including healthcare, retails, offices and industrial properties.

    • Air Conditioning

      B38 Group issue only fully qualified, CHAS accredited and FGas certified engineers to install, maintain and repair air conditioning in Wakefield. Given our local proximity, we are able to offer a full range of air conditioning services to our clients across Wakefield.

      Air Conditioning Installation in Wakefield

      B38 Group are able to assist in recommending air conditioning systems suitable for each environment, taking account of the right product with adequate heating, cooling and fresh air requirements. Our systems are efficient and high-quality, meaning that we are an exceptional choice for all air conditioning aspects in industrial and commercial spaces in Wakefield.

      Air Conditioning Maintenance in Wakefield

      B38 Group can arrange regular air conditioning maintenance alongside Facilities Management Wakefield based services, delivering maintenance, repairs and upgrades where necessary. Air conditioning plays an integral role in the office environment and B38 Group can assist in ensuring that your business maintains optimal temperature across the varying British seasons.

      Air Conditioning Repairs in Wakefield

      B38 Group air conditioning specialists work around the clock to provide maintenance and emergency repair services. Our comprehensive Planned, Preventative Maintenance programmes help to prevent air conditioning breakdowns occurring.

    • Electrical Inspection and Testing

      B38 Group support our clients with all aspects of electrical inspection and testing in Wakefield. This includes installations, portable appliance testing and arranging emergency electricians to respond as quickly as possible.

      Inspection and Testing in Wakefield

      Our NICEIC accredited electricians in Wakefield are able to provide regular testing and inspection for a range of electrics. This helps to ensure that your business stays operational, and is safe for staff and clients alike.

      Portable Appliance Testing in Wakefield

      A requirement of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, it’s vital for businesses to ensure that electrical appliances are maintained in a safe condition. B38 Group offer a thorough and reliable service to portable appliance testing all electrical items which have the potential to cause injury, with relevant certificates issued as standard.

      Emergency Electricians in Wakefield

      B38 Group offer a skilled team of engineers ready to respond to your emergency electrical needs. With our comprehensive Planned, Preventative Maintenance programmes, we can help you to keep electrical systems in good, working condition, and repair and upgrade services where necessary.

    • Commercial Plumbing & Heating

      B38 Group offer design and installation of plumbing and heating works across Wakefield, including water cylinders, storage tanks, water heaters, solar energy and kitchen, toilet and washroom facilities. We have been accredited by NICEIC.

      Commercial Boiler Servicing in Wakefield

      Regular boiler maintenance is necessary to keep your business operational and boiler performing to its optimum capacity. Our team of qualified heating engineers in Wakefield can assist in servicing, repairs and upgrades where necessary following inspection.

      Emergency Plumber in Wakefield

      Our team of qualified plumbers work around the clock to resolve plumbing problems. B38 Group are here to implement a time-effective solution.

    • Water Risk, Treatment & Hygiene

      B38 Group work with clients in Wakefield to ensure that their properties are compliant with ACoP L8. Regular water testing and maintenance can help to prevent build-up of Legionella or other harmful bacteria.

      Water Testing in Wakefield

      Our specialist team of water treatment and hygiene experts in Southport utilise chemical analysis to help our clients meet the requirements of the ACoP L8 standard and pass Legionella risk assessments. This is conducted as part of our water maintenance and monitoring service, which helps to safeguard staff, visitors and customers.

      Legionella Risk Assessment in Wakefield

      Legionella can be prevented by B38 Group’s comprehensive maintenance and testing procedures. Our team will help you to safeguard your staff and visitors against the serious risk of Legionella.

      Water Treatment in Wakefield

      B38 Group’s work is conducted to BS6700 standards. We offer water treatment in Wakefield and assist in controlling Legionella by ensuring clean, well-maintained and appropriately-treated water systems.

    • Fire & Security

      B38 Group are here for all of your Fire & Security Services needs in Wakefield. We offer a range of services, including fire prevention and containment systems as well as security, CCTV and alarm systems, to help you to safeguard your business.

      CCTV Installation in Wakefield

      B38 Group provides monitored and maintained CCTV installations across Wakefield, providing an effective deterrent and security tool to protect your business.

      Security in Wakefield

      B38 Group provides a range of security services across Wakefield – from manned guarding to CCTV monitoring and security consultancy.

      Fire Risk Assessment in Wakefield

      B38 Group offer a fire safety legislation compliant Fire Risk Assessment service in Southport meeting the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order. This is undertaken by the Fire Safety Consultant in Wakefield, ensuring your commercial property is compliant and adhering to the highest levels of fire safety.

    • Lighting and Emergency Lighting

      B38 Group can assist with all aspects of in-house lighting requirements, as well as the installation, testing and maintenance of emergency lighting. Our Wakefield-based team of engineers regularly test systems as part of Planned, Preventative Maintenance programmes, and clients can enjoy full access to these.

      Lighting Installation in Wakefield

      B38 Group work with clients according to their budgets and lighting requirements. External lights, flood lighting with sensors and relevant control panels increase security in Wakefield properties, and our team are happy to assist to meet your needs.

      Lighting Maintenance in Wakefield

      B38 Group have an ongoing service plan to ensure that lighting systems remain fully operational and cause as little inconvenience as possible for your business. We can help to ensure that old fittings are replaced and lighting layout remains appropriate for the environment.

      Emergency Lighting in Wakefield

      Our team of professional electricians help to implement emergency lighting systems, which are a necessary safeguard in the event of loss of mains power or normal lighting failure. We regularly test and maintain emergency lighting across Wakefield.

    • Pest Control

      B38 Group offer a range of efficient and effective pest control services across Wakefield to suit all requirements. We can help you to eliminate unwanted pests from offices, factories, workshops and shops in Wakefield, helping to ensure the continued operation of your business.

      Pest Control in Wakefield

      We can help you to remove pests such as mice, wasps, fleas, roaches, birds or other species causing nuisance for your business. Our methods are humane and as least toxic as possible, ensuring the safe removal of pests from your business.

      Pest Prevention in Wakefield

      Unwanted pests can affect a business to the point of closure. Our preventative methods can help to minimise the potential for unwanted pests.

    • Case Study: Venturian Group, Calder Business Park, WF4 3FL

      B38 Group provide an office facilities management in Wakefield for the Venturian Group. A leading funding and investment group, Venturian are based on the desirable Calder Business Park in Wakefield and offer services on equity investment resources from £500,000 to £5,000,000. Please take the time to read through our B38 Group Corporate brochure.


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      As a leading provider of facilities management in Wakefield, B38 Group manage various aspects of facilities management and commercial building maintenance services for the company, including maintenance for emergency lighting and fire alarms, lifts and air conditioning systems. We also conduct water risk assessments for the company to ACop L8 standard. B38 Group offer a comprehensive commercial cleaning service for the company and our skilled team of engineers can respond to emergency and reactive maintenance needs effectively and efficiently.

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